ONE – Leader

Symbol: The Stag (ONE – Leader)

Lesson: to overcome obstacles by personal creativity.

Path: originality, independence, concentration, confidence, perception, efficiency.

Goal: to express individually and lead the way for others to follow.

ONE – Leader is pioneer, he finds the way for others to follow and succeed where lesser mortals fear to tread.

Ones Personality

Second fiddle just won’t do for these powerful men and women

They will only be content when conducting the entire orchestra in a symphony of their own composition – and then not for long.

Most need no encouragement to spur them on and trying to give advice to a number One does about as much good as banging your head against a brick wall.

If he’s engrossed in some new venture, he probably hasn’t even sensed your presence.

They should you manage to break through his concentration for a moment

They can persuade him to explain what he’s so absorbed in

But the audacity of his plans will probably leave you speechless.

Ones Criticism

Any criticism you may make of his ideas, no matter how sound or well meaning, will only fall upon deaf ears.

He does everything on a grand scale – the bigger, the more unusual and the more improbable the better.

He is one person who can take a potentially disastrous situation, usually of his own making, and somehow emerge as the victor.

Once launched on a plan of action, Ones are powerhouses of energy.

Ones Career

They work untiringly all day and most of the night. Sleep couldn’t possibly be allowed to interfere with their efforts.

Ones can never be content until they have fought their way to the top in their chosen field and, once firmly seated in the boss’s chair.

Ones generally manage to keep their hard-won position of power and authority.

And they are usually much respected and admired by their staff for their sheer determination, if not actually loved.

They keep a very tight rein on everything and everyone under their control.

Always knowing what needs to be done at given

They are usually much respected and admired by their staff for their sheer determination, if not actually loved.

They keep a very tight rein on everything and everyone under their control.

Always knowing what needs to be done at given moment and who best to do it.

Especially in a crisis when everyone else seems to be losing their heads.

Ones Work-life

These capable individuals take their responsibilities seriously.

Never side stepping difficulties and never giving in when the going gets tough.

They work hard and expect the same from their subordinates a half-heated effort is one thing they simply won’t tolerate.

When it comes to choosing a career.

Ones should try to ensure that their innate creativity and originally can be used to the full boring, routine jobs are for them.

They need plenty of opportunity for advancement as, without a challenge, they will soon lose interest and find themselves looking around for something more stimulating.

The most obvious choices of career are as designers, inventors or engineers of one kind or another.

Ones also like ‘to boldly go where no man has gone before’

But, unfortunately, openings for explorers are rather few and far between these days

Although some universities do offer research grants which might appeal to their sense of adventure.

Ones Negative Viewpoints

From a negative viewpoints, One is traditionally knowing as the number of tyrants.

People whose date of birth reduces to this number are quite capable of tyrannical behavior when I come to getting their own way

So be prepared for fireworks if you ever try to thwart the best-laid plans of mice, men of number Ones!

Stubbornness and an intense dislike of restraint are also firmly ingrained in their character

Along with impatience, intolerance and, occasionally, in later life, a tendency towards eccentric behavior.

Ones Feelings

In private our monarchs of the glen need to love and be adored in return.

There’s no more pitiable a sight than a One who has been spurned.

He’ll probably say he’s feeling under the weather or has something on his mind when really he’s trying to hide his wounded pride.

These people have tremendous egos and to be cast aside by their loves is more than they can bear.

However, their natural resilience seldom allows them to remain downcast for long.

Once they have finally chosen a partner, usually after several traumatic false starts.

Ones prove to be loyal, devoted spouses with a deep sense of responsibility to their partners and families.

Ones Relationships

They are generous, caring and sincere in return for which they expect nothing less than admiration, flattery, appreciation and total obedience.

Ones can be utterly ruthless and so much as suspect their mate of infidelity and it goes without saying that.

But they always have to have the last word in any argument.

Ones of both sexes are charming, physically demonstrative and make exciting bed-fellows.

The female of the species is a liberated lady.

She lives her life to the full and is seldom content to stay at home and keep house and she is ambitious and demands more from life than that.

Ones female needs excitement, luxury and pleasure because she’s sophisticated, elegant, witty and certainly not modest.

She knows that she deserves the very best and somehow she’ll get it.

She’s certainly not afraid of rejection because once her sights are set on a man she is apt to take the initiative.

she can ask him out to dinner, which on her salary she can easily afford to do.

These royal ladies, like their male counterparts, need to be the constant center of attraction.

Should her mate prove guilty of a moment’s neglect or an inconsiderate action.

She will sulk and make his life a misery until her anger has abated.

It takes a strong man to tame this lady but, once tamed, she’ll remain his for life … and it won’t be dull.

Ones Favorite Color

Color plays an important role in our lives.

Ones should go for gold as well as all the various shades of yellow (orange included), right through to the richest browns.

To add contrast they could consider purples, blues and deep pinks.

Green, black and Grey are definitely out as far as they are considered.

Their choice of the gemstone should be limited to yellow stones

Such as Caitrin, topaz, amber and yellow diamond (to suit their rich tastes) with, naturally, a gold setting.


EIGHT The Materialist

0 998
SEVEN – The Mysterious

0 1060

0 956
SIX – The Peacemaker

0 968


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