An Introduction To Numerology

An Introduction To Numerology

Numerology and Relationships

Your birthday – is it just a random set of numbers, or is there more to it than that? Numerologists say yes. They say that hidden meanings can be unearthed from the numbers which apply directly to you, that your character and your future is hidden in your personal number. And through a process of conversion from letters to numbers, even more, details can be discovered from your name, the name of those around you – even the name of your street.

Perhaps it’s a hard pill to swallow, but just think how much numbers play a part in our everyday lives. Without them we couldn’t develop the technologies we enjoy today, we couldn’t measure dimensions and distances or determine how much something weighs – the list is almost endless. Just think how difficult it would be to sort one bus route from another without numbers.

The ancient art of numerology went hand in hand with the development of mathematics, geometry, and trigonometry. Its roots can be traced to the early civilizations of Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Greece and India and much of its core is based on ancient Hebrew calculations.

The element of chance comes into numerology – fortune-telling by numbers – as it does with most forms of divination. It is the nub of any divination doctrine and, essentially, the claim is that nothing happens by chance. All things conform to an inevitable pattern which we can do little to alter. So your birthdate, even your name, is not a random result from an almost infinite range of alternatives but part of a series of pre-ordained events which have little or nothing to do with luck.

In short, you, as an individual, a unique personality, could not have any other birthdate or name or have led any other course through life. This belief can be taken to another stage – if you had a birthdate other than the one you have now, then you could not possibly be the same person, that special character, that you acknowledge as ‘me’.

It is for these reasons that numerologists claim that can extract so much information from a mere set of figures. Those numbers are like a fingerprint and when combined with other details, that fingerprint – your personality and your future – cannot be mistaken for another’s.

The history of numerology is complex and, as we have already said, its roots are to be found in many different cultures. Perhaps one man, more than any other, who contributed most to the foundations of numerology was the Greek mathematician Pythagoras who said ‘all things can be expressed in numerical terms because all things are ultimately reducible to numbers’. The Pythagorean contribution was a method of interpreting numbers by qualities assigned to them.

But we must not forget another vital source which, with the Pythagoreans philosophy, helped to create numerology. That was the Qabalistic Gematria – a belief based on the combination of magic and philosophy – which centered on the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and its corresponding numbers, to discover hidden meanings in the scriptures and to look at a person’s destiny by name analysis.

Numerology isn’t as complex as some would have you believe. The whole concept can be reduced to the numbers one to nine. Within these numbers, the whole of life’s experiences can be found. But you don’t need special powers to unravel the mysteries … just simple arithmetic will provide the answers.

And what are the answers? They are virtually all you need to know to provide a guide to your future actions. Love numbers, in particular, will help in the choice of a partner, or provide insight into how to adjust and respond to your existing partner. Numbers will also show you what lessons you are predestined to learn and how you can best achieve those goals. Taken a stage further, they will show you the vital directions for your career, indicate the sort of company which makes the best employer, or point towards the individual who stands out as an ideal business partner.

But don’t confuse numerology with other forms of divination. Unlike Tarot cards, I Ching, Runestones or casting dice, the study of numbers can give a complete and accurate picture of the inner you.

In the following list of articles, we look at numbers in terms of your relationships, and the easy-to-follow guide will help you in your decisions. But if you want to explore numerology in even greater detail we suggest you take your studies further with The Numerology Workbook, published by The Aquarian Press.


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