this category is all about technology and whats new from devices techniques and even softwares
Starbreeze VR

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It's acquiring Nozon, a company specializing in VR parallax effects. If Starbreeze is going to get you wearing VR headsets in IMAX theaters and pods,...

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“If any of these law enforcement shoot one of my people, it is going down, people,” Atsa E’sha Hoferer tells the camera on...
Qualcomm buys NXP

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Qualcomm's purchase of NXP is about scaling into the Internet of things and connected auto market. As a result, Qualcomm reduces its exposure to...
Microsoft Surface

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To everyone calling Microsoft's new computer an iMac. That is not correct. It's an obvious comparison: Microsoft's new Surface Studio all-in-one PC is the...
hacker DDoS attacks

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Attacking Domain Name Service-Provider, that was hard! As Mashable websites mentioned, At Dyn, the domain name service provider hit with a massive distributed denial of...


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National Geographic Photo of the Day Bringing Up the Rear Canada’s Wapusk National Park is one of the world’s largest maternity denning areas for polar bears,...
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