EIGHT – Materialist

Symbol: The Ant (SIX – Peacemaker).

Lesson: to be materially successful and have authority.

Path: hard work, organization, sound judgment; use your energy constructively and work towards a specific

Goal: be ambitious; learn poise, assurance, and self-control,

to demonstrate success and leadership by example.

Eights Personality

Success is the name of the game that number Eights spend their entire lives playing.

Not only must Eights succeed, they must also be seen to succeed.

Eights seek power on the grand scale,

Money to surround themselves with luxury and, above all else, social position.

All of the Eights, without exception, are materialists.

Eights generally realize very early on in life that you have to work very hard to get anywhere in this world.

Eights are tough, practical, strong and tremendous ambitious.

They work tirelessly and relentlessly towards their chosen goals with a zeal which almost borders on fanaticism.

Many Eights who make it to the top can be described as ‘self-made’

Because they tend to rely more on experience.

Eights contracts, own wit and cunning to achieve their ambitious.

Eights can be hard and very ruthless when necessary.

Unfortunately, in numerology, Eights is not the only number of material success but also the number of material failures.

It is all or nothing for our poor Eights.

Eights Failures

Eights can be no happy medium where they are concerned and the failures are often just as spectacular as their achievements

And when they do go down it’s always in a very big way, but never for long.

From a negative viewpoint, Eights should guard against becoming over-aggressive and selfish in their unremitting struggle for distinction.

They also run the risk of allowing money to become their god, having nothing but purely material values in life.

Eights Working Environment

In a working environment, they spend 99 percent of their time.

Eights are imaginative, intense and driven by creative energy.

Eights are very reliable if not actually trustworthy.

Remember, Eights use anyone and anything to get one-step ahead.

Eights also adaptable, self-disciplined and need little encouragement or support to get them started.

They usually prefer to work unsupervised so that no one can really monitor what they are up to.

Eights never have a smooth path to success

But their determination and tenacity is usually all it takes to get them over most hurdles and setbacks they encounter on the way.

What to do with their life is never a difficult choice for an Eight to make.

Eights never made a secret of the fact that they want to be top dog

Or that they admire and respect people who have managed to attain positions of power.

Eights Career

They have first-class business brains and many excel as bankers, brokers, lawyers and executives of one kind or another.

However, the mega-ambitious among them seek fame and recognition

And for this reason are drawn to politics, government and public life even though such high positions invariably call for great personal sacrifice.

Eights are charming, attractive individuals but they do tend to put people off

Because, at first acquaintance, they seem rather cold and undemonstrative;

Almost as if they were trying to keep you at arm’s length while they wonder what possible use they can make of you.

But this isn’t really true.

Female Eights need to have successful careers or they feel miserable and unfulfilled.

Ideally, Eights like to be able to earn sufficient money to employ a housekeeper, a gardener, and a nanny to look after the children.

They want the best of both worlds a career, a family and a well-run home and know exactly what they want from life and invariably get it.

Eights Feelings

Eights simply have difficulty in expressing their feelings and this can often be mistaken for disinterest

But behind those stony expressions lurk warm hearts and passionate natures.

Unfortunately, rampant jealousy also lurks just below the surface of number Eights.

Many ruin potentially good relationships because of it.

Eights Relationships

Once married, Eights never shirk their family responsibilities.

Eights will do almost anything and are prepared to make any sacrifice for their loved ones provided,

Of course, it does not interfere with business interests.

Eights like comfortable, luxurious houses but are inclined to be untidy.

You are likely to find oddments of clothing and papers scattered around the elegant furniture.

Eights private life tends to be something of an emotional seesaw

And they are either on an all-time high or plumbing the depth of despair.

Somehow, they can never quite reach the point where things remain balanced.

Female Eights choose their partners with care,

As they could not possibly entertain any man unless he has as much money and influence as they have, if not more.

They are mercenary and don’t care who knows it.

Eights Favorite Color

The best colors for a number Eight are black, purple, very dark gray and deep blue.

Brown and russet shades would also be complementary.

They should avoid all pale colors without exception as well as bright red, yellow and green.

They need a dark color to give a striking effect.

This should also be carried over into their choice of gemstones and they should opt for dull rubies, amethysts, black diamonds but perhaps, best of all, deep-toned sapphire.

Platinum would undoubtedly be the best setting because it’s the most expensive.


SEVEN – The Mysterious

0 1060

0 956
SIX – The Peacemaker

0 968
Five the Swallow

0 1037


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