How Your Birth Date can get Your Love Number

How Your Birth Date can get Your Love Number


How Your Birth Date can get Your Love Number? All you need to find your Love Number is your date of birth and some simple addition.

First make a note of your date of birth, remembering to show the month as a number – February = 2, July = 7, December = 12, and so on.

It’s also important to show the year in full, not just the last two numbers.

Now add all the numbers together, one by one, from left to right. November birthdates should be added as 1+1, not as + 11.

Similarly, December birthdates should be added 1+2, and not as + 12.

If you have done your sums properly, you’ll arrive at a two-figure number which needs to be further reduced, so that you end up with a single number between one and nine.

This final figure is your ‘Love Number’. A couple of sample calculations are given below.

Date of Birth – 29th September 1972

2 + 9 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 7 +2 = 39    3 + 9 = 12     1 + 2 = 3            Love Number 3.

Date of Birth – 5th November 1955

5 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 5 = 27    2 + 7 = 9            Love Number 9.

Once you’ve found your Love Number you’ll be surprised how much it can reveal about your personality.

You are probably already well aware of your good points, and your shortcomings too, but did you know that your Love Number can help you to choose a suitable career or even influence the colors you select for your clothes and surroundings?

Your Number can also help you answer some of those difficult questions that arise from time to time like ‘What should I be doing with my life?’, ‘Why aren’t I happy?’ or ‘Where did I go wrong?’.

Not only can it provide you with the answers, it can offer valuable guidance about how to put matters right.

Each of us has a lesson to learn in this life, a particular path that we should tread, and your Love Number will point you in the right direction and help you reach your goal.

But the most importance aspect of Love Numbers is that they are vital if you wish to discover how well you are suited to friends, family and loved ones – or how well they are suited to you!

Each of the Numbers from one to nine has been given a bird, animal or insect as its symbol. This makes it easier for you to identify with your number.

Now it’s time to find your Love Number and discover how much your number reveals about you and your ‘inner self’.

once you’ve discovered what your number says … then it’s time to look up other people in your life. Your search for the ideal companion can then begin.


EIGHT The Materialist

0 1039
Five the Swallow

0 1071

0 406

0 988

0 408
SEVEN – The Mysterious

0 1103
SIX – The Peacemaker

0 1008

0 388

0 480