FIVE – Adventurer

Symbol: The Swallow(FIVE – Adventurer).

Lesson: to discover the right way to use freedom.

Path: be progressive, keep up with new ideas and tackle problems with ingenuity, shun monotony and don’t get bogged down, learn through travel and personal experience, use money wisely, experience as much as possible of life, seek variety.

Goal: to value freedom and realize that nothing in life is permanent.

Fives Personality

FIVE – Adventurer is central and probably the most exciting of all the Love Numbers.

People born under this vibration tend to view life as one long challenge.

They need to experience anything and everything that appeals to them.

It is constantly searching for something new to try or somewhere different to go.

Like their symbol, the swallow, they need to be on the move and seem to know, by some strange instinct,

when it’s time to journey on and when to return to pick up from where they left off.

Travel means a great deal to a Five,

They simply have to know what’s going on around the next corner or over that hill.

They are restless, fidgety, impatient and born gamblers.

They are always taking risks or cutting corners,

But fortunately, they are both resilient and resourceful by nature.

Fives Mentality

Fives also seek their adventures on the mental as well as the physical plane.

They find a new idea to mull over just as stimulating as some new place to explore.

They like to be well informed and to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world.

These people are nobody’s fools.

You certainly won’t find them getting involved in any hair brained schemes just for the sake of a little novelty,

They’re far too realistic to fall into that sort of trap.

Adaptability is a quality that Fives possess in abundance.

When life appears to have been less than kind to them.

They just seem to take it in their stride and quickly bounce back from even the heaviest blow.

However, they are, by and large, rather highly-strung individuals who tend to live on their nerves

And this is where they are particularly vulnerable.

Once they have exhausted their reserves of nervous energy they have nothing left to fall back on.

And at such times their irritability makes them difficult people to get along with.

But for the most part, they are interesting, attractive characters, who are never short of company.

And always willing to lend a sympathetic or a word of friendly advice to someone in trouble.

Fives Faults

Fives really don’t have any major faults to overcome, instead, their character flaws are small but numerous.

They can be unpredictable which is irritating at times,

A little inconsiderate when engrossed in something interesting,

Conceited when they feel they’ve done something clever and over-critical when you have.

They’re also rather careless with their own money.

Because they love to speculate, whether on the Stock Exchange or at the local turf accountants.

They are self-indulgent when their gamble has paid off but remorseful if they’ve lost.

Choosing the right career always poses something of a problem for a Five.

Because they are attracted to so many different things none of which seem to hold their enthusiasm for long.

They are also acutely aware that they could succeed at just about anything,

They do so many things well, but deep down they’re secretly afraid of failure.

They have many self-doubts lurking in their minds.

Fives Work Life

Although no one would ever suspect because they present such a capable, well-controlled face to the world.

Once finally ensconced in a job, for the time being anyway,

Fives quickly show what a valuable asset they are to any employer.

They are astute, creative and full of original ideas,

Easy to get along with although at times a little difficult to pin down.

Restless they might be but they certainly know how to organize a team.

And have the knack of judging just when they can safely delegate some of their workload with the assurance.

That the task will be handled just as the efficiency by someone else.

In fact, they are also very good at managing to pass on the more boring,

Mundane tasks without appearing to be shirking their own responsibilities.

Fives love to gamble, so the Stock Exchange is quite an attraction to them as indeed is brokerage of any kind,

Because it involves that element of risk they seem to hanker for.

Many are highly successful in commerce, medicine, and the arts;

The field of communications attracts others as does public relations and research work.

Fives Sexuality

On a personal level, five represents sexuality.

In numerology, it is known as the number of the natural man, the sensualist,

And Fives of both sexes are certainly that.

Even their symbol, the swallow, performs some unusual courtship aerobatics as it mates high on the wing.

Mr. Five may not actually require you to swing from the chandelier.

But any woman who has him as her lover is in for a rare treat or a nasty shock depending on her own upbringing and attitudes towards sex.

Please don’t let that put you off because he makes a considerate and affectionate partner,

He’s only jealous if given real cause to be and will usually only argue when provoked.

However, should you manage to upset his normal poise he is capable of anything so don’t trifle with his affections lightly?

He won’t tolerate that and will make sure you come off the worst in the long run.

He is not mean with money, he likes comfortable surroundings

But doesn’t mind a muddle and seldom falls out with his in-law unless they interfere.

Because of his masculine pride, he does like to feel he’s the boss in his own home

And is never really comfortable if he feels beholden to someone,

So don’t go doing your Mr. Five too many favors if you want to keep the relationship balanced.

Fives Relationships

Female Fives are real women who enjoy the role they play in life and live it to the full.

Many don’t marry until their early thirties as they need to spend the intervening years traveling the world.

And seeing as much as possible of different cultures and lifestyles.

They know that must get the wanderlust out of their systems before they can settle down

And accept the responsibilities that a commitment like marriage will impose.

Once they’ve found a partner they put everything they have into the relationship to make it work.

They take a great pride in their femininity, never plead a headache and enjoy raising a family.

The role of wife and mother is a rewarding experience for them

Although they may not appear to be too keen on housework and cooking because they are routine tasks.

Miss Five really can be a treasure to any man lucky enough to marry her.

Fives Favorite Color

Fives should choose clothes and furnishing in very light shades of any color

And will find gray particularly complimentary to their character.

They also look very good in white, as it shows off a tan to its best advantage,

And anything shiny or that sparkles will bring out the best in them.

They should avoid very dark or vivid colors as these will only detract from their appearance.

They should also choose pale stones for their jewelry and diamonds are a must

Because they sparkle, with silver or platinum as the best settings.


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