Male One VS Female Eight

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Eight.
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This combination can go only one of two ways – up or down. This is a real battle of giants and we’re dealing with two very strong, tough, determined characters in this 1:8 combination.

Mr. One is a man who knows his own mind so he probably won’t take very kindly to Miss ‘Know-It-All’ Eight chipping in with her two pennyworths of advice.

However, what she’s trying to tell him makes very good sense and he knows it. Poor Mr. One, he finds her help invaluable but infuriating at the same time.

He’s determined and obstinate person who likes to do everything in his own sweet way.

It’s almost impossible to divert him from a chosen course of action although Miss Eight can somehow manage to do it with convincing reasons and sound arguments.

This is a love/hate relationship as far as he is concerned. He undoubtedly loves and admires her but hates the way she always seems to come up with just the right answer.

Miss Eight, on the other hand, can be just as tenacious, aggressive and stubborn and she, too, knows exactly what she wants from life and how to get it.

She needs to succeed more than anything else and, what’s more, she has to bee seen to do so.

When a One and an Eight get together in any relationship they always have to try to outdo each other.

Unless they can both control their forceful natures the whole situation can turn from one of healthy rivalry to a fight to the death, with no holds barred.

Unfortunately, if these two should ever seriously all out they are both far too proud and headstrong ever to consider saying ‘sorry’ or even ‘can we try again?’

The partnership would be liquidated immediately and the assets divided out with absolutely no show of emotion from him and a brusque, business-like attitude from her.

Hopefully, matters won’t be allowed to deteriorate to such a stage but, sadly, divorced and separation is fairly common endings for a 1:8 relationship.

In their bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter provided it’s private and no one else is going to come barging in, Mr. One is an exciting lover.

He’s charming, demonstrative, passionate and experimental although, at times, he can be a little selfish, expecting to receive more than he can be bothered to give especially when he’s been working extra hard.

But in this particular 1:8 union he is not the problem. Eight is a number of extremes and when Miss Eight is in the mood she can make love all night but when she’s not Mr. One might just as well turn over and go to sleep because nothing will rouse her.

Somehow she can never quite reach the point where her sexual desire becomes balanced. And there is another thing which Mr. One will pretty soon discover about this lady.

She suffers from an incurable disease known as rampant jealousy for which there is no known cure.

So even if they both manage to control their natural antagonism in public her private affliction which causes her to see everything in shades of green could well sound the final death knell for this dynamic twosome.


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