Male One VS Female Five

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Five.
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When Mr. One and Miss Five get together it’s rather like putting two champions fighting cocks in the same cage, feathers are bound to fly.

Miss Five has the gypsy in her soul.

She wants to go everywhere, see everything and sample it too if it looks sufficiently attractive

because she’s a woman who needs constant stimulation

and soon gets bored and fidgety if she can’t find something new to do.

This same rule applies to the men in her life; once they cease to be amusing they very quickly become yesterday’s news.

She probably won’t finally decide to settle down in a relationship

until well into her late twenties or early thirties by which time she will have seen most of the world and a good few of the men in it too.

She’ll be very set in her ways by then but will be getting more and more curious about marriage

it’s something she has yet to try.

That’s what her lifestyle really is one long string of new experiences.

Then along comes unsuspecting Mr. One and she can’t quite believe her luck.

He’s such a vital, energetic man.

He’s charming, rather attractive in a rugged sort of way, positive in everything he says and does

he certainly doesn’t give much away about himself.

Emotionally he is very self-controlled which makes him even more of a challenge.

‘He’s the one for me’ she thinks to herself ‘but how am I ever going to get him?’

She won’t have to he’s spotted get already.

But, there again, how could he fail to notice this fascinating creature who has just arrived on the scene?

She is not the sort of woman he meets everyday impeccably dressed, hard to analyze, extremely well-informed and very well-traveled.

She’s perceptive, selective, clever, original and so highly-strung that she must be a real thoroughly bred filly.

What’s more she’s adventurous, just like him, and very, very sexy.

The courtship stage of this 1:5 relationship is usually a tempestuous, whirlwind affair

and it’s a great pity for all concerned that the storm doesn’t blow itself out before they decide to take the fatal step and set up home together.

While they still have that vital safety valve of a little space between them,

which allows sufficient room to maneuver everything id fine.

He knows all the best places to go,

can always suggest something a little different to do which would be of interest on meals,

entertainment and the odd bunch of flowers or surprise ‘UN-birthday’ presents which she so loves.

Miss Five is also the perfect companion for him.

She’s unpredictable, which keeps him on his toes and makes sure that his interest doesn’t wane,

quick-thinking has an endless store of amusing tales to tell, is always willing to help.

Although not quite so ready to accept assistance, and likes to live dangerously sometimes,

which he finds appealing. He likes a woman with spirit.

She also has many hidden talents which he enjoys discovering especially when he finds that they coincide with some of his.

But the trouble starts when they decide to set up home together.

She suddenly discovers her wings have been clipped.

No more can she follow her flight of fancy and do as she pleases.

Now she has to consider someone else and be responsible for her part of the family life.

He, on the other hand, can’t seem to make her understand that his career is very important to him.

ones can’t spare the time to go out every night to the pub, or to some club or the cinema.

He is ambitious, wants to do well for himself and certainly won’t get anywhere if he doesn’t put his back into his work.

Things could very easily go downhill for this couple unless they take swift and positive action.

A compromise must be reached and that really is the burning question here – can they achieve one?

If they don’t manage to resolve the problem they could find themselves slowly drifting apart with:

Mr. One spending more and more of his time at the office working late and Miss Five doing her own thing with her own circle of friends.

The prospect of this relationship lasting for any length of time certainly doesn’t look too hopeful.

Their love life is one thing which might keep them together

and if they can forget their differences in each other’s arms

and lose themselves in their passion things might not look quite so black when they wake up.

Mr. One is an exciting lover.

He’s considerate, demonstrative, adventurous and aggressive

and as Five is the number of sexuality, the female of the species should be quite a playmate.

She would undoubtedly make a very willing accomplice in any of his fantasies.


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