Male One VS Female Four

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Four. If you don’t know how to get these numbers, you should check out how to Calculate your love number

Where personal relationships are concerned this combination certainly doesn’t look very promising even though it can work moderately well on a business footing.

At close quarters Mr. One and Miss Four not only have conflicting personalities, their views and opinions are also completely different and certainly not compatible.

Don’t let those sensible shoes and conventional clothes fool you for a moment, Miss Four is a bit of a rebel.

She may not dress like a freak, or go around waving a placard bearing a political slogan because that’s not her style but she has a peculiar preserve streak in her nature which seems to compel her to see everything from a different angle to everyone else.

In arguments, she will automatically take the other side. She simply has to reverse the order of everything and has some very odd ideas about social issues and reforms of all kinds.

Only when a cause is well and truly lost will she decides to support it and, it is understood, that lame dogs are favourite animals.

There is nothing canine about Mr. One and he certainly doesn’t limp!

He tends to surge at all his targets with great single-mindedness.

He looks after number one and does not care about other people’s struggles and problems unless they happen to threaten his own prospects. Then he will do something about it.

Already we can see one good reason why Mr. One and Miss Four really can’t get on.

While he’s telling everyone to go to blazes she would automatically take their side which would make him appear very foolish indeed when even his own woman won’t support him.

The ensuing row when they finally get home, could reach nuclear proportions.

She would almost certainly be for unilateral disarmament and he would undoubtedly want to keep the bomb.

Mr. One knows only too well how important it is to keep the balance of power and at that particular moment he would probably decide to push the button if she were anywhere near the target area.

Miss Four likes to do everything to her own strict routine which she is taken years to perfect – Monday washing, Tuesday ironing, Wednesday shopping, etc.

It makes her feel secure and she always knows what is going to happen next.

So how is she ever going to cope with a spontaneous, impulsive Mr. One who likes to do everything on the spur of the moment?

Quite simply – she will not. This 1:4 combination is rather like a time bomb.

Everyone knows that it is primed and ready to go off but nobody knows quite when the explosion will happen.

Their love is probably just dull and uneventful.

Everything may start off just fine as they’ll both be on their best behaviour but as time goes by she’ll drift back to the routine curlers, face cream and headaches, not to mention her favourite ‘you’ll wake the children’ ploy and as a result he’ll probably lose interest altogether, preferring instead to work late into the night.

However, on those rare occasions that their personal needs just happen to coincide their union should be a tender, gentle affair rather than something wild and passionate because, sadly, the earth will never move for a 1:4 combination however hard they try.


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