Male One VS Female Nine

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Nine.
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There can be no doubt at all that this relationship will flourish despite the fact that Mr. One has a very forceful, dominant personality because Miss Nine is one of that rare breed of women who can disagree without anger and reach a working compromise with a certain degree of humor.

In other words, she can usually get what she wants without causing too much trouble.

She is the ideal companion for Mr. One.

She is not simply some decorative piece of furniture standing around the place waiting to do his bidding although she will try to make him as happy as possible and fall in with his wishes in most things.

She is also a woman with intelligence, a fine brain, and opinions of her own. This means that she cannot only discuss matters with him on equal terms, but she can also understand some of the problems he encounters at work and can offer useful suggestions or constructive criticism.

However, woe betides him should he ever find fault with any of her ideas, then it’s quite a different story.

She is not actually conceited but she does have a very high opinion of herself and will brook no interference however well meant.

Therefore, unless he has praise or encouragement to offer it would be better if he held his tongue and said nothing at all.

Let her make her own mistakes; that’s the way she prefers things.

Mr. One has two great loves in life, his woman, and his work, and very often his work appears to be the most important of the two.

Some women could find this tiresome but not Miss Nine; she will probably have an interesting career of her own to follow and can always find something to occupy herself with when she does have some time on her hands.

She’s amusing, good company, easy to get along with, a stimulating conversationalist and will undoubtedly have a great many friends and acquaintances outside this relationship who share her interests.

All Nines, irrespective of sex, have sympathies and an intense urge to serve in some worthwhile cause.

This arrangement suits Mr. One just fine. He likes to be left alone to get on with things in peace without someone constantly nagging or reminding him of all the things around the house that still need to be done.

He’s ambitious, single-minded, self-reliant and certainly doesn’t need any encouragement to get on with his work.

He’s obstinate, determined and very set in his ways so he gets on well with Miss Nine because she seems to like him just the way he is.

She is loyal, unselfish, successful in her own right, and doesn’t keep running to him for support when things go wrong for her.

She is a courageous, enterprising woman who can stand on her own feet and Mr. One has great admiration for anyone who can do that and, naturally, he includes himself in this category.

This relationship works even better, if that is possible, in the privacy of their own home than its does in daily life.

Mr. One could never be described as a ‘sleepy’ sleeping partner, he is a very red-blooded, sensual man who always leaves his partner thinking that he has kept something of himself in reserve to be discovered and enjoyed at some later date.

Miss Nine may be very worried about world problems and shortages during the day at night she’s only concerned about two very special people and no one goes without in this private world she shares with Mr. One; she will see to that.

She’s a passionate woman who’s not afraid t show her feelings or make her demands known and she is more than a match for Mr. One any day although he would never admit it.


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