Male One VS Female One

This is the first combination we have in the list, lets see how they match together!
The Co-operation

Compromise and co-operation are called for when two Ones decide to join forces in a relationship

unless they both want to spend all their time playing a never-ending game of oneupmanship.

Mr. One has met his match with this lady.

Intellectually she is double with an outlook on life almost identical to his own.

She’s stubborn, impatient, ambitious, hard-working and, what’s more,

she has a feminine charm on her side which she won’t think twice about exploiting to gain a little extra ground.

This pair is really going to have to work hard to keep the combination together.

They should always try to avoid putting themselves in competitive situations;

Even more difficult should they work as well as live together.

In such a case it’s anyone guesses who will emerge the victor.


Secondly, in a 1:1 combination, Mr. One can forget that rosy picture he likes to imagine the little woman

sitting at home with his slippers warming by the fire for him to slip into when he returns tired and hungry

after a hard day’s work.

Miss One will probably have a similarly high-powered, prestigious job of her own so they’ll undoubtedly find

it necessary to divide the household chores equally between them.

In fact, they may not see a great deal of each other except at weekends because they’ll both be busy

pursuing their own careers and neither will have that much time to spend at home watching television or

just dozing in a comfortable arm-chair.

Miss One should really make sure that she knows what she’s letting herself in for before she decides to tackle a male of her own number type.


He is probably one of the few men who know how to play her at their own game and he knows that there aren’t any rules,

So she certainly won’t be able to push him around as she does everyone else.

She’ll certainly have to make a few major adjustments to her ‘me first’ attitude

if she ever hopes to co-exist on equal terms for longer than a few weeks with this man.

She will have to learn to use the term ‘we’ more often than ‘I’ and be prepared to share the stage when she has Mr. One for a partner.

No more solo performances for her.

It will have to be the double act or the show simply won’t go on.


As well as fixed ideas, male Ones also have massive egos so;

if possible, she should try to appear a little more helpless and more dependent upon him than she actually is, just to satisfy his male vanity.

She knows that there is nothing he can do that she couldn’t do equally well, if not better,

but a little flattery and a mock show of submissiveness from time to time will go along the way to smoothing the path of this relationship.


However, behind the locked doors, the intimate side of their relationship is guaranteed to be the most exciting of all

because they’re both passionate, demonstrative and inventive by nature so there shouldn’t ever be any real reason for either of them to complain.


Miss One won’t be prepared to take a passive role all the time.

She’s a woman who needs equality and, even under covers,

The ‘give and take’ that they will both need to work hard to achieve must never be allowed to slip.


Ones usually remain loyal and devoted provided they feel happy and fulfilled within a relationship,

So if the male is prepared to make the effort not to be too domineering and his partner id ready to meet him half-way he won’t need to worry over-much about his Number One woman seeking her pleasures elsewhere.

Nor she about him! This relationship can really work and has great potential provided both partners are equally determined to make it a joint success.


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