Male One VS Female Seven

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Seven.
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It should be obvious by now that Ones are rather adventurous individuals who are immediately attracted to anything new and unusual.

It’s hardly surprising when Mr. One falls under the spell of the mysterious and highly original Miss Seven.

She certainly represents a very real challenges and one he is hardly likely to turn down in a hurry.

There is something decidedly different about Miss Seven because she’s not like any of the other women he’s ever met.

She is a clever, intellectual person who can run mental rings around him whenever she chooses.

She’s definitely not after his money, which makes a refreshing change and she certainly doesn’t give much thought for appearances.

Her clothes are old, unfashionable and well-worn but somehow they seem to suit her and tend to add to rather than detract from her appearance.

Mr. One has the curiosity of a cat as well as the creative imagination of an artist and this could be one of the main reasons why he finds this woman so fascinating.

She’s such a loner; she’s secretive; in fact, she is a totally unknown quantity and doesn’t leave any clues.

But she does have a tremendous knowledge and understanding of the occult, philosophy, alternative religions, the mysteries of life, travel.

Other cultures and lifestyles, and could teach him so much about so many things he doesn’t understand.

He is a man who is always seeking to widen his horizons and gain a much broader view of the world about him and she offers him an opportunity to develop himself even further that he can’t possibly afford to miss.

Here again, we seem to be looking at a relationship that has something in it from both points of view.

Miss Seven is quite willing to take on Mr. One in the role of pupil/soul mate/lover/husband, and also perhaps proffer the odd idea to two which might help him to accelerate his career what can she hope for in turn? And the answer is – plenty!

Mr. One is a powerful, ambitious man with a good steady income which can only improve as he climbs higher and higher up the ladder of success in his chosen profession.

Who better to give her the security, financial support, mental stimulation and love that she needs as well as the time and opportunity to study and generally delve further into all the weird and wonderful things that she’s so passionately interested in.

In fact, it looks very much as if she comes out of this deal slightly better off than him – or does she? Perhaps she has more to give.

Mr. One, as we already know by now, is a passionate man who even in bed knows what he wants and has charm, flattery, consideration and a few other tricks up his pyjama jacket sleeve to see that his wishes are usually met.

But what about the enigmatic Miss Seven?

She’s certainly not afraid to let her emotions show in private and can be a very sensual woman when roused.

She’s neither jealous nor possessive so is not likely to cause any ugly scenes on that score, and has such an advanced imagination and powers of intuition that she can probably dream up fantasies faster than they both can act them out.

Perhaps there is some truth in the old saying that ‘it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for’ and Miss Seven seldom makes a sound in public!


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