Male One VS Female Three

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Three.
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You won’t have to ask Mr. One what he sees in Miss Three because anyone can tell at a glance what the attraction is.

She is a charming, fascinating woman who would stand out immediately in any crowd.

She is not just physically attractive,

with her dramatic hairstyle and bold choice of unusual but stylish clothes, this woman has brains.

She is shrewd, observant, imaginative

and has the infuriating habit of appearing to be one step ahead of everyone else’s train of thought which Mr. One finds rather challenging.

She is proud, independent and very much to the point when she has one to make.

She has very intention of doing extremely well for herself but in the meaning, she’s going to enjoy life to the full.

Once off duty, which isn’t very often in Mr. One’s case,

he is a fun person to have around provided that everyone else falls in with his plans.

He has to lead the way even during leisure time.

However, because he always seems to suggest such an unusual, exciting things to do his ideas rarely meet with opposition,

especially not from Miss Three.

She is versatile, adaptable and game for anything.

She loves to be in beautiful surroundings

but would willingly leave her comfortable little flat to live in a tent if the right man asked her to share it with him.

Mr. One is quired likely to make such a request although canvas and sleeping bags would probably only be a holiday arrangement.

Miss Three is a talented woman;

she is artistic and creative and would soon leave her mark on any home they decided to share.

The best choice of colors for a Three are purples and mauves which are both secondary colors for a One

so they shouldn’t argue too much over the way their home is decorated and furnished.

Mr. One has a deep sense of responsibility for those he loves and this particular woman could be quite a handful for him.

He is rarely extravagant but if she was feeling particularly generous one week

she could well decide to spend all the housekeeping on presents for him and their family.

He probably wouldn’t make too much fuss provided it didn’t happen too often but should her impulsive spending get out of hand he could turn very nasty indeed.

Ones seldom look for arguments but you can be sure that they always end up having the last word to say on any subject.

Miss Three can also be wasted and rather frivolous at times

so if she fails to take any of his ideas seriously, especially if they are in connection with his job,

he could find her ‘silly’ attitude particularly infuriating.

Mr. One makes an exciting bedfellow for any responsive, red-blooded woman

because he’s charming, demonstrative, passionate and at times, downright aggressive in his approach to lovemaking.

He’s not a man to fool around, he wants adventure even in his private life so any woman who tends to suffer from headaches is not his type.

Miss Three certainly is, she always has a very clear head.

She likes variety and soon tired of dull, uninteresting men who tend to bore her.

This lady needs stimulation and is sure to find it in abundance with Mr. One for a partner.

If it’s physically possible then this couple are sure to get round to it in the end. It’s only a matter of time.


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