Male One VS Female Two

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Two.
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Miss Two is the very lady that Mr. One has been waiting for.

When he finds her, he should ever let her go.

She may not be as dynamic as other women he competes against;

she may not cause a stir, but he can feel completely as his ease with her.

Even Mr. One, who is rather inclined to burn the midnight oil when he’s engaged in some particularly fascinating piece of work, needs to relax occasionally.

He cannot go driving himself flat out all the time.

What’s more, this woman would never question his right to be head of the household

because that is the role she would automatically expect him to assume.

She would be very willing to help him in any way she could,

she would never interrupt when he was trying to concentrate and would worship the ground he trod on.

Miss Two has much to contribute to this relationship.

She is quiet, admittedly, but then he’s quite capable of making enough noise for the pair of them so that wouldn’t matter.

But behind her passive exterior lurks a wicked sense of humor.

She has a wonderful imagination and the uncanny knack of being able, to sum up a person at first sight.

Mr. One could find this extremely useful at times when he needs a quick, accurate character assessment of someone he’s been trying to weigh up.

Unfortunately, Miss Two lacks confidence and often asks herself ‘I wonder what he sees in me

because really I don’t think I’m in the least bit interesting or attractive’.

And the answer is, quite simply ‘everything’.

He is drawn to her because opposites attract.

He can’t understand why she is not ambitious (although he’s secretly glad she’s not).

He wants to know exactly what is going on inside that head of hers

because she doesn’t give much away

but, above all, she’s a good listener and that’s something he positively approves of.

She, in turn, admires him because he represents everything that she is not.

He has already decided what he wants from life,

he’s not afraid of responsibility, has plenty to say for himself and is so positive about everything.

He is someone she can lean on and all Twos are rather inclined to do that from time to time.

Mr. One will have to treat this lady gently because she’s not nearly as thick-skinned as he is.

She needs to feel secure and protected at all times.

She is easily hurt and her efforts on his behalf must always be appreciated.

A little praise will make her smile and with encouragement, she could become positively radiant.

She needs a strong man to depend upon and Mr. One fits the bill exactly.

In return, she will run his home like clockwork, wait upon him hand and foot, raise their children with loving care and entertain his business associates like the born hostess she is.

However, they could find that problems arise if he has to be away on business a good deal or if his job entails working long,

irregular hours Miss Two is a home lover, she probably won’t have many outside interests and will want to spend her evenings and weekends exclusively with her man which may not always be possible.

Then her sulky and changeable moods could be rather difficult for him to endure.

She’s also incurably jealous of anything which is likely to deprive her of his company.

In private he can expect to receive royal treatment and to be shown nothing less than adoration from this woman.

She will look up to him, flatter him, do as she’s told, be loyal – in fact, she’ll be totally besotted with him.

And all this is just what he needs because, if he’s truthful,

he’s always been a bit of a male chauvinist at heart who believes that a woman’s place in the home.

Female Twos are incurable romantics.

They are tender and loving, affectionate and kind while their partner is the more aggressive, demonstrative type which is just as well

because he’ll probably have to take the initiative in their lovemaking,

although she will always respond eagerly to his suggestions.

She is an introverted person and likes to assume the safe, passive role in everything she does.

She is terribly unsure of herself but finds his advances exciting and somehow rather reassuring

because they prove that she still finds her attractive.

But deep down she has always known that she can really let herself go with Mr.

One and she may dream up a few fantasies from the vivid imagination of hers that would surprise even him.


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