Male Two VS Female Four

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number Two and female from love number Four. If you don’t know how to get these numbers, you should check out how to Calculate your love number.

A personal relationship between Mr. Two and Miss Four always runs smoothly because it’s so well-balanced.

Disagreements seldom arise but when they do, they are quickly settled and soon forgotten. Harmony is undoubtedly a keyword for this combination.

Mr. Two is not a forceful, dynamic man who takes life by storm or goes to any lengths to ensure that he succeeds; in fact, he is quite the opposite.

He is quiet, tactful and conciliatory, finding anger and discord very distressing.

He is rather shy and self-conscious and will always try to wriggle out of making a decision when he possibly can.

When he finally has to make up his mind he will probably only change it again a few minutes later.

Miss Four, on the other hand, is a born organizer.

She will be very pleased to get him into some routine and will soon sort out all his problems in her own methodical way.

She is such a down-to-earth woman and views obstacles in her path as mere irritations that simply have to be overcome.

She is calm, efficient, industrious, and practical and handles money wisely and with a certain amount of respect. She is well aware that it does not grow on trees.

Because Mr. Two hasn’t got a job which commands a vast salary she knows that one of them has to be realistic about their finances and see that something is put away for a rainy day.

You can count on her to do that, she needs to feel secure and a healthy bank balance always means a happy, more relaxed Miss Four.

Mr. Two is a sensitive man; he will compromise rather than argue a point.

Easily swayed by people and circumstances, he will usually bend with the prevailing wind rather than make a stand on his own.

In any case, he never really feels so strongly about a matter that he’s prepared to fight for it and because of this he will usually always be a subordinate, never a leader.

However, he does have a gentle nature, a superb imagination and a romantic outlook on life which could greatly influence Miss Four and open up a whole new dimension to her, the mental rather than her usual physical plane of experience.

She is solid and steady, but he is a man who could lift her into new realms of thought and together they could explore his world of dreams where only beauty and peace exist.

Initially, she could find this difficult because she’s not a fanciful woman but given sufficient time and encouragement she’ll soon discover a side to her personality which has been laying dormant for far too long.

All it needed was the right key – in the shape of Mr. Two – to enable her to unlock her finer feelings.

Unfortunately, Mr. Two has some feelings of his own which would be better locked away.

He’s a moody person and quickly gets despondent and depressed over trivialities.

He tends to imagine an awful things which are never really likely to happen and is far too easily wounded by an ill-chosen remark or even a stern glare when he is liable to withdraw into a reproachful silence.

To make matters worse, he’s also jealous and possessive.

But strangely enough, his negative behavior seems to cut no ice with Miss Four.

Once she had listened to his grievances she soon finds him something to do which will take his mind off the subject, and this approach seems to work.

While he’s busy chopping firewood or mowing the lawn he becomes more concerned with the task at hand than about her imaginary lover or the way his boss dressed him down.

She has most definitely got the measure of him!

In the privacy of their own home, harmony is still a keyword.

Mr. Two is an incorrigible romantic, a knight in shining armor who wants to serve his fair lady and make her ecstatically happy.

He is caring, tender, compassionate, chivalrous and uses fine words and gentle kisses to demonstrate his feelings towards her.

All can be sweetness and light between them because she is a woman who needs to feel loved, is capable of great depths of feeling and also of expressing herself physically but somehow without the aggression which would put him off.

However, when he’s just started reciting the eighth verse of yet another epic poem he’s written for her she must never, ever be tempted to remark that the room could do with a coat of paint or ask if he’s put out the dustbin.

Practical and organized she may well be but that would be a cardinal error on her part. It would shatter everything in an instant and she may not get him to utter another word for days, or even weeks, after such a blow to his psyche.


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