Male Two VS Female One

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number Two and female from love number One. If you don’t know how to get these numbers, you should check out how to Calculate your love number

‘Just give me a couple of minutes to unwind first’

He will plead as she tosses him an apron and presses a duster into his hands the minute he comes in through the door.

She should show more consideration for this man because he has so much to offer especially when he is the other half of a career-minded Miss One.

She will get far more from this relationship with kid glove tactics then she ever will if she nags and continually orders him around.

‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ would be useful words to add to her vocabulary and they should be used frequently.

Mr. Two is sensitive and lacks confidence in himself.

He is quite, indecisive and unambitious but he is a willing helper, a good listener and, above all, he wants the woman who shares his life to be happy.

He derives much of his pleasure second-hand through watching his loved ones get on and do well for themselves.

He would be proud to have a partner like Miss One and would do anything he could to help her succeed.

He would be supportive, understanding and certainly, would not dream of trying to stop her following her career.

His woman’s place is only in the home if that is where she prefers to be.

If she wants to work then it’s fine by him provided he’s never given cause to doubt her love or fidelity for even a second.

Sadly, Mr. Two is the original green-eyed monster; he’s the personification of jealousy and its runs right through him from the top of his head to the very tips of his toes.

Most of his torment is unnecessary and self-inflicted.

It seems largely from his vivid imagination and general feelings of insecurity – perhaps if he had a better opinion of himself this would never happen.

Any woman could be forgiven for finding him trying at times and Miss One, who’s not known for being the most patient person in the world.

 Miss One could find her temper wearing rather thin when he pouts and sulks after yet another outburst of accusation.

Even if she were like Caesar’s wife – above suspicious – he would still manage to find something to suspect.

Unless he can somehow manage to control this negative emotion or she is prepared to turn a deaf ear it could eventually destroy this relationship by a steady process of erosion.

However, Miss One has some room for improvement if she doesn’t want to emasculate Mr. Two totally and turn him into a hen-pecked husband.

If she wears the metaphorical trousers at home, she should be less demanding in public.

She needs to adopt a softer, more feminine approach and should keep a tight rein on that aggressive, ‘me first’ attitude of hers which could well get her somewhere at work but will only serve to harm her relationship with a shy, romantic Mr. Two.

The intimate side of this partnership could be a source of joy and pleasure to them both. Mr. Two is tender, romantic, considerate, imaginative – in fact, he will do anything to please, while Miss One is lively, demonstrative, adventurous and certainly not afraid to take initiative.

Provided she doesn’t become over aggressive and make Mr. Two feel he has taken on rather more than he can cope with, this relationship can work well for both partners on all levels.


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