Male Two VS Female Six

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number Two and female from love number Six. If you don’t know how to get these numbers, you should check out how to Calculate your love number

These two peace-loving may not set the business world aflame because they both lack drive and aggression but they instinctively know how to keep their own home fire burning and happy.

The sensitive Red Admiral butterfly (Mr. Two) and his white dove of peace (Miss Six) make a handsome, well-matched pair.

They seem positively to flourish in the quiet, restful atmosphere which they create around them.

Two is a neutral number that can be good or bad depending on the prevailing circumstances.

It means that Mr. Two is rather inclined to be influenced by the people he mixes with and also by his surroundings.

Miss Six has a very beneficial effect. She seems to bring out the best in him and together they can discover a side to his nature that has hitherto never been fully developed.

Miss Six is a talented woman. She is interested in painting, music, sculpture, writing and so many other things besides.

She has an eye for colour, loves beautiful things, has many ‘arty’ intelligent friends and simply adores her home, where she likes to spend the majority of her time.

She’s imaginative, well-balanced, self controlled, sympathetic and at her best when involved in some kind of creative activity.

Deep down Mr. Two is also an imaginative, creative person but he has inferiority complex that he thinks people will laugh if he takes up the cello or that they’ll criticise his primitive attempts at landscape painting.

He has an eggshell ego and an ill-chosen remark could put him off forever.

In fact, he is so afraid of other people’s negative reactions and comments that he usually never gets started, having already pre-judged the outcome.

Miss Six at his side all this silly self-doubt will have to be put to one side because she can see that he has something worth developing.

She will soon coax, bully and cajole him into using his talents.

She is a persuasive lady who can be very determined at times.

She also loves to entertain family and friends; she wants to make everyone about her happy and to bring some pleasure into their lives.

She prefers to give small, informal suppers rather than stiff, starchy dinner parties and once Mr. Two gets over his initial shyness.

He’ll soon find himself enjoying these occasions enormously because that competitive element of rivalry which he dislikes so much at work simply doesn’t arise at one of her little parties.

Perhaps rather slowly at first, he begins to come out of his shell.

He finds her friends interesting and entertaining and what’s more, they seem to find him so, and he becomes even more relaxed in their company.

This does wonders for his undernourished ego and gradually the metamorphosis takes places; the dull, boring, brown crysallis opens up and the highly coloured, extremely attractive adult butterfly emerges.

Miss Six can certainly work wonders for her man and in return she again a loyal, loving partner who will go to any lengths to make her happy.

Only his jealousy remains dormant in this relationship, because she is far too open and loyal to doubt; everything else about him is awakened, taken out, dusted down and well aired.

He becomes a different, better person under her influence and even his changeable moods seem to balance out in the fullness of time.

The expression of their love is bound to be a beautiful experience for both of them.

He is so tender and romantic, says such wonderful things and has a way of looking at her that she finds irresistible.

He is a caring, gentle man. She too leans to the romantic and ideal in all matters of the heart and sees love as something to be treasured and spoken about rather than of a purely physical nature.

She is kind, affectionate, considerate although at times rather inclined to ‘mother’ her man but Mr. Two probably enjoys this anyway so, in this particular relationship, it won’t do any great harm.

There is little doubt that Mr. Two and Miss Six have a great deal going for them.


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