Male Two VS Female Three

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number Two and female from love number Three. If you don’t know how to get these numbers, you should check out how to Calculate your love number.

‘Whatever does she see in him?’ is quite a natural question and one people frequently ask when Mr. Two and Miss Three decide to team up.

She is talented, versatile and lively while he is quiet and painfully self-conscious.

She does, in fact, find many things which initially attract her to Mr. Two but this is not going to be an easy relationship to maintain for either of them.

Only a super-human effort will keep them together for long.

Because, as time goes by and she goes to know him better, she is bound to discover many things about him which are definitely not to her liking.

From where she stands, the pros could eventually become heavily outweighed by the cons.

At this point, she will probably decide to call it a day – Miss Three is not one to hang around once she has become disenchanted with a partner.

She’s always been rather a theatrical person at heart so she should find the first half of this production extremely enjoyable.

But when the curtain comes down for the interval and the two-star performers retire to their dressing rooms to assess their performances the second act could suddenly turn from a piece of light-hearted entertainment into a heavy drama.

He can be such a kind, thoughtful man, always willing to help, always the first to make up an argument and always ready to listen to her troubles so why does he have to spoil everything with his peculiar, changeable moods, his black depressions, and his terrible jealousy?

He is forever checking up on her in such sly, underhand ways and his cruel accusations and emotional outbursts are more than any faithful woman would be prepared to suffer.

What started out as a happy, caring relationship gradually turns into a terrible mistake which she wants to escape from as soon as possible.

However, there are always two sides to every story so let’s look at this 2:3 relationship from his point of view.

At first, he can hardly believe his ears when this proud, independent woman says she would be delighted to dine with him tomorrow evening.

It has taken him days to pluck up sufficient courage to ask her out and then he starts worrying whether the restaurant he has chosen will be good enough and how he should impress her.

Fortunately, as their relationship develops, he does manage to overcome his initial awkwardness and begins to feel more relaxed in her company.

He finds her shrewd, imaginative, witty, creative and utterly charming but then he begins to notice that other men think the same.

This is when the rot sets in. He has always doubted his own worth and begins to wonder what she gets up to when he is not around, who she sees at work, did she really visit a girlfriend last Thursday? And so on.

He needs her so much and can’t bear the thought of anyone or anything else coming between them.

He becomes more and more intolerant, possessive, critical and withdrawn while she becomes angry and defensive one minute and then treats the whole thing as some enormous joke the next.

Once matters have reached this stage, something has to give and it is usually her. She is like her symbol, the otter, in this respect.

She will amuse charm, show off, captivate and enthrall her audience in her natural surroundings but try to confine her movements or restrict her freedom in any way and she will be off in the twinkling of an eye.

When things are going well between them, the intimate side of this relationship is usually a source of comfort to both parties.

He is tender, romantic and gentle and she is warm, considerate and sufficiently adaptable to fit in with his constantly changing moods.

When he is feeling low, she has a way of making him laugh at his troubles and when he’s on a high she will enjoy it with him.

But when the differences between then start to get out of hand he will be far too busy cultivating a really good sulk to even notice that she is already fast asleep.

It really is a shame that a combination which initially offers such promise and hopes for the future usually ends up in this way with one partner feeling bitterly hurt and disappointed and the other deciding to put the whole disastrous episode down to experience.


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