NINE – Visionary

Symbol: The Badger (NINE – Visionary).

Lesson: to develop a broadminded attitude to life.

Path: to be service to others, show compassion and understanding; cultivate a working knowledge of world affairs;

to learn to live up to your ideals; be patient, don’t give up half way through a project; do as you would be done by.

Goal: to show others the right way to live through your breadth of thinking and try to promote universal love and harmony.


NINE – Visionary is the last and, perhaps, the greatest of all the Love Numbers.

Nine represents both spiritual and mental supremacy.

All those whose birth dates reduces to this number have the innate desires to make some contribution.

However small towards improving life on earth.

They want better conditions for everyone, higher standards of living and a fairer distribution of wealth.

In fact quality and meaning are what they strive to put back into society.

NINE – Visionary is visionaries, idealistic and able to see life from a broad point of view.

Their boundaries are infinite and all-embracing and they believe that everything and everyone

However humble or seemingly insignificant, is of importance and worth caring about.

Ninth Attitude

NINE – Visionary makes charismatic leaders and extremely good organizer because he is resourceful, active, determined and courageous.

They are quite prepared to fight for what they want, or for what they believe is right and frequently they have to do so especially during their formative years.

Their strong wills and pugnacious attitudes are generally all that’s needed to get them through even the most difficult periods of struggle and opposition.

But despite their genuine love of humanity, they have to be in complete control or their enthusiasm tends to wane and they give up completely until another good cause come along that they can control.

They also find criticism very hard to take because all Nines are egoists with very good opinions of themselves and of the caring work they undertake.

Ninth Logic

In numerology nine is the mystical number.

Many Nines, especially women, are gifted with powers of ESP which usually manifests itself in the form of telepathy and clairvoyance.

But in general terms these people are all highly imaginative and instinctive individuals

They rely heavily upon their intuition, rather than on reason or logic, when problems need to be solved.

Some also experience unpredictable flashes of insight into the future or disturbing prophetic dreams.

The Love Number Nine also has its negative aspects and the greatest danger for those ruled by this vibration lies in being too impulsive in thought as well as in word and deed.

They should also try not to be too overbearing, petty or prejudiced.

They are highly accident prone especially where fire and explosions are concerned, and few get through life with only the merest scratch to show for it.

Ninth Work-life

NINE – Visionary seldom have to decide what to do for a living because so many of them have personal vocations to follow.

Many are destined for achievement although the path towards success is rarely smooth.

They make inspiring and stimulating workmates capable of exerting great influence with apparently little visible pressure.

But they can at times appear rather eccentric in their methods.

Many become teachers, lecturers, doctors, statesmen, diplomats and politician while the more artistically talented often turn to painting, sculpture, music or writing.

Ninth are Romantic

In private Nines are romantic, passionate and impulsive, always ready to try something new.

They often appearing with an UN-birthday present or some little nonsense gift bought on the spur of the moment.

They are charming, sympathetic and affectionate.

Although when involved in some great scheme to revolutionize the world they can be a little insensitive to the needs of those closest to them.

Nines are passionate lovers, who always have some new fantasy to act out or idea to dream about.

A personal relationship with a Nine is never dull and for those who lack stamina it can be an exhausting experience trying to keep up with them.

Nines values people and many keep in touch with their school friends for the rest of their lives.

They love to argue but never seriously enough to damage their marriage and never with in-laws unless they interfere.

They need to be respected and looked up to especially at home.

Ninth Relationships

A male Nine must be the head of the household and a female Nine likes to feel that she’s the power behind the throne.

Not only do they need to be respectful, they also have a deep craving for love and a physical show of affection.

For this reason many men of this number make complete fools of themselves.

If they fall into the hands of an unscrupulous woman who uses her physical attractions to manipulate them.

Within a permanent relationship such as marriage.

Nines are warm and loyal, loving and caring, honest and trusting and only jealous or difficult when given good reason to be.

They try to make their partner as happy as possible and to fall in with his/her wishes in most things.

They seem able to disagree without anger and to reach a working compromise with a certain degree of humor.

All in all they are easy to get along with. Female Nines are much the same as their male counterparts.

They too possess a sincere wish to help others

They are many successfully in managing to combine this with the demands that a home and family impose upon them.

Ninth Favorite Color

Pink is the most suitable choice of color for a nine right through rose, crimson, red and purple to the darkest shade of mauve.

The richer and the color are the better. All shades of blue are also in tune with this number although greens, yellows, browns and black should be avoided.

With gemstones, rubies, garnets or blood stones would all do well in any type of setting which appeals to the individual.


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