SEVEN – The Mysterious

Symbol: The Owl.

Lesson: to develop the mind in order to gain wisdom and understanding.

Path: you must study, learn, search for truth, try to find the answers to life’s problems; when you speak make sure you say something worth listening to; spend time on your own (this is essential for inner growth); study the past and the occult; read, think, meditate.

Goal: to be able to use your wisdom and knowledge to guide others.


Seven is the number of magic and mystery and those ruled by its vibration are indeed very special people.

Sevens definitely something different about them. They won’t act, dress, speak, think or even vaguely seem like anyone else you’ve ever met before – because they’re not!

These people are unusual characters in every way. Sevens are unconventional, unpredictable and totally uncontrollable.

Sevens go their own sweet way through life without a thought for the consequences.

Learn the Hard Way

They have to learn the hard way if it’s going to make any impression on them at all.

Sevens need to spend a great deal of time on their own in order to study and meditate upon the discoveries they have made.

They seem compelled to try to explain the unexplainable and are sufficiently gifted to be able to combine theory and practice until they feel they have at least found some of the answers they were seeking.

Some will even experience remarkable dreams which they are able to interpret with uncanny accuracy.


Religion is also important to Sevens but not in the conventionally accepted sense.

Not Materialistic

Money and physical comfort mean little to a Seven. They frequently dress in outmoded clothes, care little for their appearance.

Sevens are inclined to skip meals or go without sleep when totally absorbed in some fascinating piece of research work or an idea.

Sevens are independent and love to travel. Taking only the barest necessities and just enough money to get by on.

They don’t mind roughing it, in fact, is what they prefer.

Negative Side

Negative Sevens run many risks, the greatest of which is losing touch with reality.

If Sevens don’t keep a fairly tight rein on their highly developed imaginations they could find themselves being carried beyond the bounds of reality into a world peopled by dreams and fantasies from which they cannot escape.

Sevens could also find that it becomes increasingly difficult to form lasting relationships as they grow older, with loneliness as the only prospect.

Sevens need to choose a career with care. They have good ideas but seldom do anything about them. They also need to be able to work at their own pace without deadlines to meet.

The areas where a Seven could to well are: student, researcher, librarian, archaeologist, astrologer, inventor, scientist, psychiatrist, writer or anything directly connected with the arts such as painter, sculptor or musician.

Eventually, they finally decide to follow one thing is certain; eventually, they are bound to adopt a philosophical attitude to life which will eventually creep into everything they do.


Sevens of both sexes are even-tempered, emotional and rather passionate.

They have an intense dislike of heated arguments, preferring instead to discuss grievances calmly, sanely and unemotionally with the sincere desire to reach an amicable solution.

Many marry well, more by luck than design, which is just as well because they need financial security to see then through life and somehow never quite manage to arrange it themselves.

Marriage can also be just what they need to make them take a little more interest in reality.

Female Sevens

Female Sevens are much the same as their male counterparts although rather more interested in the occult. Many women whose birthdates reduce to a Seven might be working as mediums, clairvoyants, fortune tellers and psychic investigators.

Preferred Color

Gold is the color for a Seven. Green and yellow are also complimentary as are any pale or pastel shades. Sevens avoid deep, dark colors.

There is a large selection of gemstones for numbers Sevens; any white stone is suitable as well as moonstone, cats eyes and moss agate.


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