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EIGHT The Materialist
EIGHT – Materialist

Symbol: The Ant (SIX – Peacemaker).

Lesson: to be materially successful and have authority.

Path: hard work, organization, sound judgment; use your energy constructively and work towards a specific

Goal: be ambitious; learn poise, assurance, and self-control,

to demonstrate success and leadership by example.

Eights Personality

Success is the name of the game that number Eights spend their entire lives playing.

Not only must Eights succeed, they must also be seen to succeed.

Eights seek power on the grand scale,

Money to surround themselves with luxury and, above all else, social position.

All of the Eights, without exception, are materialists.

Eights generally realize very early on in life that you have to work very hard to get anywhere in this world.

Eights are tough, practical, strong and tremendous ambitious.

They work tirelessly and relentlessly towards their chosen goals with a zeal which almost borders on fanaticism.

Many Eights who make it to the top can be described as ‘self-made’

Because they tend to rely more on experience.

Eights contracts, own wit and cunning to achieve their ambitious.

Eights can be hard and very ruthless when necessary.

Unfortunately, in numerology, Eights is not the only number of material success but also the number of material failures.

It is all or nothing for our poor Eights.

Eights Failures

Eights can be no happy medium where they are concerned and the failures are often just as spectacular as their achievements

And when they do go down it’s always in a very big way, but never for long.

From a negative viewpoint, Eights should guard against becoming over-aggressive and selfish in their unremitting struggle for distinction.

They also run the risk of allowing money to become their god, having nothing but purely material values in life.

Eights Working Environment

In a working environment, they spend 99 percent of their time.

Eights are imaginative, intense and driven by creative energy.

Eights are very reliable if not actually trustworthy.

Remember, Eights use anyone and anything to get one-step ahead.

Eights also adaptable, self-disciplined and need little encouragement or support to get them started.

They usually prefer to work unsupervised so that no one can really monitor what they are up to.

Eights never have a smooth path to success

But their determination and tenacity is usually all it takes to get them over most hurdles and setbacks they encounter on the way.

What to do with their life is never a difficult choice for an Eight to make.

Eights never made a secret of the fact that they want to be top dog

Or that they admire and respect people who have managed to attain positions of power.

Eights Career

They have first-class business brains and many excel as bankers, brokers, lawyers and executives of one kind or another.

However, the mega-ambitious among them seek fame and recognition

And for this reason are drawn to politics, government and public life even though such high positions invariably call for great personal sacrifice.

Eights are charming, attractive individuals but they do tend to put people off

Because, at first acquaintance, they seem rather cold and undemonstrative;

Almost as if they were trying to keep you at arm’s length while they wonder what possible use they can make of you.

But this isn’t really true.

Female Eights need to have successful careers or they feel miserable and unfulfilled.

Ideally, Eights like to be able to earn sufficient money to employ a housekeeper, a gardener, and a nanny to look after the children.

They want the best of both worlds a career, a family and a well-run home and know exactly what they want from life and invariably get it.

Eights Feelings

Eights simply have difficulty in expressing their feelings and this can often be mistaken for disinterest

But behind those stony expressions lurk warm hearts and passionate natures.

Unfortunately, rampant jealousy also lurks just below the surface of number Eights.

Many ruin potentially good relationships because of it.

Eights Relationships

Once married, Eights never shirk their family responsibilities.

Eights will do almost anything and are prepared to make any sacrifice for their loved ones provided,

Of course, it does not interfere with business interests.

Eights like comfortable, luxurious houses but are inclined to be untidy.

You are likely to find oddments of clothing and papers scattered around the elegant furniture.

Eights private life tends to be something of an emotional seesaw

And they are either on an all-time high or plumbing the depth of despair.

Somehow, they can never quite reach the point where things remain balanced.

Female Eights choose their partners with care,

As they could not possibly entertain any man unless he has as much money and influence as they have, if not more.

They are mercenary and don’t care who knows it.

Eights Favorite Color

The best colors for a number Eight are black, purple, very dark gray and deep blue.

Brown and russet shades would also be complementary.

They should avoid all pale colors without exception as well as bright red, yellow and green.

They need a dark color to give a striking effect.

This should also be carried over into their choice of gemstones and they should opt for dull rubies, amethysts, black diamonds but perhaps, best of all, deep-toned sapphire.

Platinum would undoubtedly be the best setting because it’s the most expensive.

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SEVEN – The Mysterious
SEVEN – The Mysterious

Symbol: The Owl.

Lesson: to develop the mind in order to gain wisdom and understanding.

Path: you must study, learn, search for truth, try to find the answers to life’s problems; when you speak make sure you say something worth listening to; spend time on your own (this is essential for inner growth); study the past and the occult; read, think, meditate.

Goal: to be able to use your wisdom and knowledge to guide others.


Seven is the number of magic and mystery and those ruled by its vibration are indeed very special people.

Sevens definitely something different about them. They won’t act, dress, speak, think or even vaguely seem like anyone else you’ve ever met before – because they’re not!

These people are unusual characters in every way. Sevens are unconventional, unpredictable and totally uncontrollable.

Sevens go their own sweet way through life without a thought for the consequences.

Learn the Hard Way

They have to learn the hard way if it’s going to make any impression on them at all.

Sevens need to spend a great deal of time on their own in order to study and meditate upon the discoveries they have made.

They seem compelled to try to explain the unexplainable and are sufficiently gifted to be able to combine theory and practice until they feel they have at least found some of the answers they were seeking.

Some will even experience remarkable dreams which they are able to interpret with uncanny accuracy.


Religion is also important to Sevens but not in the conventionally accepted sense.

Not Materialistic

Money and physical comfort mean little to a Seven. They frequently dress in outmoded clothes, care little for their appearance.

Sevens are inclined to skip meals or go without sleep when totally absorbed in some fascinating piece of research work or an idea.

Sevens are independent and love to travel. Taking only the barest necessities and just enough money to get by on.

They don’t mind roughing it, in fact, is what they prefer.

Negative Side

Negative Sevens run many risks, the greatest of which is losing touch with reality.

If Sevens don’t keep a fairly tight rein on their highly developed imaginations they could find themselves being carried beyond the bounds of reality into a world peopled by dreams and fantasies from which they cannot escape.

Sevens could also find that it becomes increasingly difficult to form lasting relationships as they grow older, with loneliness as the only prospect.

Sevens need to choose a career with care. They have good ideas but seldom do anything about them. They also need to be able to work at their own pace without deadlines to meet.

The areas where a Seven could to well are: student, researcher, librarian, archaeologist, astrologer, inventor, scientist, psychiatrist, writer or anything directly connected with the arts such as painter, sculptor or musician.

Eventually, they finally decide to follow one thing is certain; eventually, they are bound to adopt a philosophical attitude to life which will eventually creep into everything they do.


Sevens of both sexes are even-tempered, emotional and rather passionate.

They have an intense dislike of heated arguments, preferring instead to discuss grievances calmly, sanely and unemotionally with the sincere desire to reach an amicable solution.

Many marry well, more by luck than design, which is just as well because they need financial security to see then through life and somehow never quite manage to arrange it themselves.

Marriage can also be just what they need to make them take a little more interest in reality.

Female Sevens

Female Sevens are much the same as their male counterparts although rather more interested in the occult. Many women whose birthdates reduce to a Seven might be working as mediums, clairvoyants, fortune tellers and psychic investigators.

Preferred Color

Gold is the color for a Seven. Green and yellow are also complimentary as are any pale or pastel shades. Sevens avoid deep, dark colors.

There is a large selection of gemstones for numbers Sevens; any white stone is suitable as well as moonstone, cats eyes and moss agate.

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SIX – The Peacemaker
SIX – Peacemaker

Symbol: The Dove (SIX – Peacemaker)

Lesson: to be responsible for members of your family and the community.

Path: to responsive to the social needs of others, show compassion and understanding, be loving and bring comfort,

show sympathy when needed and try to equalize injustices through your own good judgment.

Goal: to be of service to others and give help and support when it is called for.

Ask a Six what he wants most out of life and he’ll answer without a moment’s hesitation ‘Just a little peace and quiet’.

Sixes Personality

That’s the most important thing in the world for him and he’ll work very hard to achieve it.

Sixes are also great home lover with the emphasis falling heavily on family life.

They make excellent parents because they are well-balanced and self-controlled and always ready to listen.

And always prepared to drop everything to help any member of their family during a difficult stage in their development.

Children and home behavior

Sixes are acutely aware of the responsibilities of parenthood and take them very seriously.

They want their children to have every possible advantage in life

And aids to education, are one area they never neglect.

In fact quite the reverse, their homes are usually full of books on a wide range of subjects.

Sixes Believe in Education

They believe that education doesn’t stop when a person leaves school

And that you’re never too old to learn- a point they illustrate by being avid readers themselves.

All Sixes are creative and usually gifted in some field of artistic expression,

Especially where color is concerned.

They simply thrive in beautiful surroundings

And they won’t worry if their living space is small or cramped so long as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Sixes Attraction

Rich, vibrant colors attract them most,

Although these need to be broken up with carefully positioned,

And indeed chosen, ornaments and pictures, which will quite often be those they have painted themselves.

Sixes also have an innate desire to make people happy

And often go out of their way to help others find a solution to their problems.

Sixes Joy Time

Entertaining is also something they enjoy but the meal must be presented properly.

Fish and chips out of newspaper, even if it is the art review page, won’t do for these perfectionists.

Sixes are usually successful in life and many find themselves in responsible positions relatively early in life.

However, they seldom abuse their power and wield it with a wisdom and compassion which far exceeds their years.

Sixes Attract people Around

People closely involved with them respect their honesty and discretion,

In fact, many of their colleagues become close friends over the years.

Peace and quiet may be what a Six wants at heart

But he can also be very determined when there’s something he particularly wants to achieve and when angered,

Usually over a moral issue, he will brook no opposition.

Sixes Must Win

He must win! He likes to do everything for himself

And although he wants to help others he dislikes being helped himself in any way.

He won’t delegate, finds its almost impossible to accept assistance,

And is secretly afraid of becoming a burden to his loved ones in his old age.

Sixes Money Is Not Important

The money will never be of paramount importance to a Six

But those who do manage to accumulate a tidy sum over the years often become patrons of the arts,

If only in a modest way.


Careers for a Six tend to fall into two very distinct categories.

On the one hand, they could choose to follow a profession which provides a much-needed service to others such as:



the ministry

or marriage guidance counseling.

On the other hand, they could opt for something more in keeping with their artistic and creative needs.

Many make brilliantly successful painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, teachers and interior designers.

Sixes should try to avoid a working environment

Which is in any way stressful or politically motivated as this would fail to meet their need for harmony and peace.

Negative Side

Our ‘doves of peace’ have a negative side to their character just like everyone else but, in their case, it tends to show as a form of selfishness.

At times, Sixes can be over-dominant and try to force their opinions and views on other people.

Occasionally, their desire to help others rebounds with the result that the person they were trying to aid becomes emotionally dependent upon them.

Great Romantic Person

Sixes of both sexes are great romantics at heart and their love tends to be more chivalrous than sexual.

Love for Sixes is an ideal which should be treasured rather than a purely physical union which should be enjoyed.

These are the people who write poems, send flowers, and dedicate songs to the object of their affections. They like to admire at a distance rather than come to grips with their passion.


They are kind, loyal and always faithful to their partner both in mind and body. Their unyielding morality never permits even a harmless day-dream about someone else.

Sixes expect fidelity in return for putting their loved ones on pedestals.

If Sixes sense of decency and honor should ever be outraged by an unsuspecting partner, you can be sure an emotionally charged scene will follow.

The Female
Female Sixes are motherly types who often prefer to stay at home and look after their families.

They are born homemakers and devote almost all their waking hours to making sure that the house is just right.

Everything around them must be pleasing to the eye and everyone must be happy. Only then do they feel fulfilled.

Preferred Color

The color is especially important to a Six and they should go for bright, bold colors, especially blues.

All shades of pink and rosy reds are also very much in tune with them although they should keep away from black and dark purple.

The gemstones for a Six are turquoise and emerald in a setting of their own choice, and it’s sure to be the right one because they have a flair for knowing what goes best together.

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FOUR – Builder

Symbol: The Bee (FOUR – Builder).

Lesson: to be responsible for your actions.

Path: be prepared to work hard, pay attention to detail, don’t take unnecessary risks,

be patient, learn from your mistakes, be efficient, practice thrift, never give up but learn to accept reality.

Goal: to lay down solid foundations on which to build your life, to be practical and a good organizer.

Fours Favorite Toy

Next time you meet Four be sure to ask him what his favorite toy when he was a child.

It won’t be the usual cuddly teddy, toy train or football.

It will be his construction set, whether it took the form of building bricks or something more sophisticated,

And he’ll smile happily as he remembers the hours of pleasure he had with it.

Fours Personality

Fours are builders from the word go, who need to know what they create is based on firm foundations.

They like life to be solid and dependable but they also like to know that they can expand, enlarge and develop,

Should they so desire because the position they occupy is one of security and reliability.

Like their symbol, the bee, Fours are efficient, superbly well-organized

And certainly not afraid of hard work even if, to times, it is dull and repetitious.

They are practical, down-to-earth people who can be relied upon for their calm and steady approach to any problem, especially in times of crisis.

Systemization is what they excel at and this is the main reason why they can get through an enormous workload with apparent ease.

Fours Work Life

Please do not dismiss our Fours as stodgy, boring people.

Just because they are so industrious and precise in their work.

Inside those solid, dependable exteriors lurk brilliant, inventive minds.

They never appear to push themselves in company.

But somehow people seem to gravitate towards them in order to hear their amusing stories or to share in their jokes.

Fours have the most infectious laughter and the innate ability to make others forget their problems for a while.

They lead active and certainly interesting lives, with a generous helping of bizarre incidents thrown in for good measure.

They’re never at a loss for something unusual to recount fare sees to that for them.

Fours have another side to their very distinct characters.

Which, at first, may seem very much out of keeping with their practical approach to life and all its attendant problems.

They simply cannot resist supporting a lost cause.

And more often than not they seem to take a perverse delight in viewing matters from a totally different angle to everyone else.

Although they could never really be described as out-and-out rebels or trouble-makers,

Their desire to reverse everything and view it in a different light does tend to be annoying.

In business life, their unusual viewpoints could make them a few potential enemies.

All the love Numbers from one to nine have their negative, as well as their positive traits

And negative Four, do have a tendency to become gloomy when life isn’t being too kind to them.

However, their bouts of melancholy rarely last for long and are seldom bad enough to merit the description ‘depression’.

Fours are Sensitive

Surprisingly too, Fours are very sensitive individuals deep down, despite their practical natures.

Their feelings can be easily hurt especially if someone close to them is over-critical or thoughtless.

They also tend to be suspicious, rather than actually jealous, in their private lives.

They hate to think that something, however innocent, is going on without their prior knowledge and approval.

Success in business or commerce is rarely handed to a Four on a plate.

It is something that they have to achieve slowly and usually only after a great deal of diligent work.

Many start out in very junior positions.

And work their way steadily up through the ranks with managerial status often coming towards the end of their careers as the final accolade for all their years of effort and devotion to duty.

Money, although generally only the careful management of it rather than its actual control,

Often features prominently in their working lives.

Because if there’s one thing a Four can do better than anyone else it balances the books.

Absolute trustworthiness inspires a Four’s employer to leave the accounts in his very capable hands.

Fours Team Working

Fours are gregarious and work well as part of a team provided that it is an organized and well-run unit.

However, if things are in the muddle when they arrive,

A Four will soon take charge and get things running smoothly in a matter of weeks.

Committee work often appeals to them and many Fours can be found acting as unpaid treasurers

Or secretaries in their spare time just for the sheer pleasure of having yet another outlet for their organizational skills.

Fours Career

There are many career choices open to Fours of both sexes

But the most suitable would be one of the following categories:










Or even, perhaps, stage manager of a traveling theater company. Who else could get a show on the road better than a Four?

Fours Feelings

Should you be lucky enough to have chosen Mr. Four as your partner then you are indeed a woman to be envied.

Life with him will never be dull because he’s always bound to have some little surprise or treat in store.

And he has much to share with the right person.

He is kind, considerate, sensitive and home-loving,

But he’s one man who can offer you security without restrictions.

Should you still want to see old friends or continue with outside interests,

He’ll be the last person to try to stop you because Mr. Four is a generous, big-hearted man.

He would do anything in his power to make his lady happy and He would even forgive you if you spent all his money than a Four.

Fours male likes his private life to be peaceful and trouble-free.

In fact, he’ll go to great lengths to get along with his in-laws just to keep the peace.

Quarrels and arguments are rarely caused by him.

He sounds almost too good to be true, and he is, so long as you are prepared to return the love and consideration he shows to you.

You must let him know where you are and what you’re doing.

He needs to be kept in the pictures at all times or he’ll worry.

Fours Relationships

If male Fours are the solid, reliable workers our females must surely be the queen bees.

These women are capable of great depth of feeling.

They prefer the men with whom they share their lives to be instantly in tune and sympathy with their moods.

They need to feel loved and secure at all times and for this reason,

Their homes are very important to them.

Homes represent not only security but also something to organize and run to perfection.

Monday is always washing for Mrs. Four comes rain or shine her routine must never be disrupted!

The lady Fours who seek interests outside their home generally opt for some sort of charitable work

And if there’s lost cause or a lame dog around they’ll rush to his support and organize help immediately.

These women are loyal, faithful and supportive but sometimes too self-disciplined for their own good.

What they need is to be a little less predictable and a little more mysterious if they want to keep the sparkle in their relationships.

Reliability for them is a quality which can sometimes be taken for granted.

Fours Favorite Color

The best two colors for Fours are blue and gray including, strangely enough, the rather ‘electric’ tones of both of these.

For secondary color they can choose from fawn, pale green and pale yellow as all three are in tune with their particular vibration.

However, they should try, if at all possible, to avoid bright strong colors of any sorts as these will only have a negative effect on them and their surroundings.

Their gemstone is the sapphire of any shade and in a setting of their choice.


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EIGHT The Materialist

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