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Male One VS Female Nine

Male One VS Female Nine

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Nine.
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There can be no doubt at all that this relationship will flourish despite the fact that Mr. One has a very forceful, dominant personality because Miss Nine is one of that rare breed of women who can disagree without anger and reach a working compromise with a certain degree of humor.

In other words, she can usually get what she wants without causing too much trouble.

She is the ideal companion for Mr. One.

She is not simply some decorative piece of furniture standing around the place waiting to do his bidding although she will try to make him as happy as possible and fall in with his wishes in most things.

She is also a woman with intelligence, a fine brain, and opinions of her own. This means that she cannot only discuss matters with him on equal terms, but she can also understand some of the problems he encounters at work and can offer useful suggestions or constructive criticism.

However, woe betides him should he ever find fault with any of her ideas, then it’s quite a different story.

She is not actually conceited but she does have a very high opinion of herself and will brook no interference however well meant.

Therefore, unless he has praise or encouragement to offer it would be better if he held his tongue and said nothing at all.

Let her make her own mistakes; that’s the way she prefers things.

Mr. One has two great loves in life, his woman, and his work, and very often his work appears to be the most important of the two.

Some women could find this tiresome but not Miss Nine; she will probably have an interesting career of her own to follow and can always find something to occupy herself with when she does have some time on her hands.

She’s amusing, good company, easy to get along with, a stimulating conversationalist and will undoubtedly have a great many friends and acquaintances outside this relationship who share her interests.

All Nines, irrespective of sex, have sympathies and an intense urge to serve in some worthwhile cause.

This arrangement suits Mr. One just fine. He likes to be left alone to get on with things in peace without someone constantly nagging or reminding him of all the things around the house that still need to be done.

He’s ambitious, single-minded, self-reliant and certainly doesn’t need any encouragement to get on with his work.

He’s obstinate, determined and very set in his ways so he gets on well with Miss Nine because she seems to like him just the way he is.

She is loyal, unselfish, successful in her own right, and doesn’t keep running to him for support when things go wrong for her.

She is a courageous, enterprising woman who can stand on her own feet and Mr. One has great admiration for anyone who can do that and, naturally, he includes himself in this category.

This relationship works even better, if that is possible, in the privacy of their own home than its does in daily life.

Mr. One could never be described as a ‘sleepy’ sleeping partner, he is a very red-blooded, sensual man who always leaves his partner thinking that he has kept something of himself in reserve to be discovered and enjoyed at some later date.

Miss Nine may be very worried about world problems and shortages during the day at night she’s only concerned about two very special people and no one goes without in this private world she shares with Mr. One; she will see to that.

She’s a passionate woman who’s not afraid t show her feelings or make her demands known and she is more than a match for Mr. One any day although he would never admit it.

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Male One VS Female Eight

Male One VS Female Eight

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Eight.
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This combination can go only one of two ways – up or down. This is a real battle of giants and we’re dealing with two very strong, tough, determined characters in this 1:8 combination.

Mr. One is a man who knows his own mind so he probably won’t take very kindly to Miss ‘Know-It-All’ Eight chipping in with her two pennyworths of advice.

However, what she’s trying to tell him makes very good sense and he knows it. Poor Mr. One, he finds her help invaluable but infuriating at the same time.

He’s determined and obstinate person who likes to do everything in his own sweet way.

It’s almost impossible to divert him from a chosen course of action although Miss Eight can somehow manage to do it with convincing reasons and sound arguments.

This is a love/hate relationship as far as he is concerned. He undoubtedly loves and admires her but hates the way she always seems to come up with just the right answer.

Miss Eight, on the other hand, can be just as tenacious, aggressive and stubborn and she, too, knows exactly what she wants from life and how to get it.

She needs to succeed more than anything else and, what’s more, she has to bee seen to do so.

When a One and an Eight get together in any relationship they always have to try to outdo each other.

Unless they can both control their forceful natures the whole situation can turn from one of healthy rivalry to a fight to the death, with no holds barred.

Unfortunately, if these two should ever seriously all out they are both far too proud and headstrong ever to consider saying ‘sorry’ or even ‘can we try again?’

The partnership would be liquidated immediately and the assets divided out with absolutely no show of emotion from him and a brusque, business-like attitude from her.

Hopefully, matters won’t be allowed to deteriorate to such a stage but, sadly, divorced and separation is fairly common endings for a 1:8 relationship.

In their bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter provided it’s private and no one else is going to come barging in, Mr. One is an exciting lover.

He’s charming, demonstrative, passionate and experimental although, at times, he can be a little selfish, expecting to receive more than he can be bothered to give especially when he’s been working extra hard.

But in this particular 1:8 union he is not the problem. Eight is a number of extremes and when Miss Eight is in the mood she can make love all night but when she’s not Mr. One might just as well turn over and go to sleep because nothing will rouse her.

Somehow she can never quite reach the point where her sexual desire becomes balanced. And there is another thing which Mr. One will pretty soon discover about this lady.

She suffers from an incurable disease known as rampant jealousy for which there is no known cure.

So even if they both manage to control their natural antagonism in public her private affliction which causes her to see everything in shades of green could well sound the final death knell for this dynamic twosome.

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Male One VS Female Seven

Male One VS Female Seven

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Seven.
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It should be obvious by now that Ones are rather adventurous individuals who are immediately attracted to anything new and unusual.

It’s hardly surprising when Mr. One falls under the spell of the mysterious and highly original Miss Seven.

She certainly represents a very real challenges and one he is hardly likely to turn down in a hurry.

There is something decidedly different about Miss Seven because she’s not like any of the other women he’s ever met.

She is a clever, intellectual person who can run mental rings around him whenever she chooses.

She’s definitely not after his money, which makes a refreshing change and she certainly doesn’t give much thought for appearances.

Her clothes are old, unfashionable and well-worn but somehow they seem to suit her and tend to add to rather than detract from her appearance.

Mr. One has the curiosity of a cat as well as the creative imagination of an artist and this could be one of the main reasons why he finds this woman so fascinating.

She’s such a loner; she’s secretive; in fact, she is a totally unknown quantity and doesn’t leave any clues.

But she does have a tremendous knowledge and understanding of the occult, philosophy, alternative religions, the mysteries of life, travel.

Other cultures and lifestyles, and could teach him so much about so many things he doesn’t understand.

He is a man who is always seeking to widen his horizons and gain a much broader view of the world about him and she offers him an opportunity to develop himself even further that he can’t possibly afford to miss.

Here again, we seem to be looking at a relationship that has something in it from both points of view.

Miss Seven is quite willing to take on Mr. One in the role of pupil/soul mate/lover/husband, and also perhaps proffer the odd idea to two which might help him to accelerate his career what can she hope for in turn? And the answer is – plenty!

Mr. One is a powerful, ambitious man with a good steady income which can only improve as he climbs higher and higher up the ladder of success in his chosen profession.

Who better to give her the security, financial support, mental stimulation and love that she needs as well as the time and opportunity to study and generally delve further into all the weird and wonderful things that she’s so passionately interested in.

In fact, it looks very much as if she comes out of this deal slightly better off than him – or does she? Perhaps she has more to give.

Mr. One, as we already know by now, is a passionate man who even in bed knows what he wants and has charm, flattery, consideration and a few other tricks up his pyjama jacket sleeve to see that his wishes are usually met.

But what about the enigmatic Miss Seven?

She’s certainly not afraid to let her emotions show in private and can be a very sensual woman when roused.

She’s neither jealous nor possessive so is not likely to cause any ugly scenes on that score, and has such an advanced imagination and powers of intuition that she can probably dream up fantasies faster than they both can act them out.

Perhaps there is some truth in the old saying that ‘it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for’ and Miss Seven seldom makes a sound in public!

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Male One VS Female Six

Male One VS Female Six

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Six.
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This combination of a Male One and a Female Six ought to be sub-titled ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Although there’s nothing really bestial about Mr. One he can be domineering and forceful when the mood takes him.

Then he likes to throw his weight around and let everyone know exactly who’s boss especially at home where he expects to play the role of lord and master.

Fortunately, he is not nearly as black as he is sometimes painted.

He’s just the person to have around in an emergency; he rarely panics and calmly and resolutely gets on with what has to be done.

He takes his responsibilities very seriously, never tries to avoid doing his duty, is independent, hard-working and overtly ambitious. In fact, he’s definitely not such a bad guy after all.

Miss Six certainly lives up to the part she has been chosen to play in this scenario, both in name and in nature.

She is kind, loving, artistic, imaginative and together with a very charming person to have around.

She has exquisite taste, can appreciate fine lines subtle colors like a true connoisseur and is capable of producing some highly original creative work of her own.

Besides being talented she is also a very capable woman a born homemaker and a dedicated wife and mother.

Her heart truly lies at home with her family and you can sense this the minute you walk through the front door not only in the calm, peaceful atmosphere she manages to create but also in the beautiful things with which she surrounds herself.

When we put these two individuals together it is really quite surprising to see how well they appear to get along and how much they seem to complement each other.

Mr. One is addicted to his career and needs regular doses of good, old-fashioned hard work in order to function properly and feel fulfilled and Miss Six certainly won’t try to stand in his way.

In fact, she can very often be a great help to her do-ahead man. She doesn’t throw a tantrum or become tight-lipped and uncommunicative when he phones to say he’ll be late home again.

Naturally, she enjoys his company but his absence means that she will have a little bit of extra time to devote to an important project of her own.

She never complains that time drags when he’s working long hours. She enjoys company, has a busy social life of her own.

She is very pleased to whip up an impromptu dinner party when he suddenly needs to entertain his boss or some important clients. She is a born hostess.

It cuts both ways for this 1:6 combination. Mr. One has a good job with excellent prospects which means that Miss Six isn’t forced to go out to work in order to bring in some extra money.

So when ‘To work, or not to work?’ happens to be the question the answer entirely up to her.

She can rely on Mr. One because he is responsible and dependable.

She won’t have to make any major decisions unaided and she knows that she can always turn to him for help and support she needs it.

They make a balanced, well-adjusted couple because the give and take in their relationship seem to be in just the right proportions to achieve peace, happiness, and a secure future.

But before we leave this combination to let’s just take a peep around their bedroom door to see if they really are compatible on every level.

Mr. One is a physical man. He won’t ever describe her eyes as deep limpid pools of loveliness or even compare her lips to rose petals because he’s not a man who’s given to long, poetic speeches; silent type.

He’s very demonstrative and his actions speak for themselves.

He’s charming, sincere, exciting and, at times, very demanding. He’s rather chauvinistic and likes a woman who’s meek, servile and obedient for a wife while he secretly lusts after loud, brassy women.

Miss Six is affectionate, loyal and faithful. She would certainly set him on a pedestal and probably even ‘mother’ him but all Sixes are romantics and their love is more chivalrous than sexual in nature.

She would certainly fit in with his picture of what a wife should be but she’s far too puritanical ever to play the temptress.

Fortunately, she’s not a stupid woman and is quite capable of turning a blind eye to some of her partner’s extramarital activities so long as she feels that the basis of love is maintained.

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Male One VS Female Five

Male One VS Female Five

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Five.
If you don’t know how to get these numbers, you should check out how to Calculate your love number

When Mr. One and Miss Five get together it’s rather like putting two champions fighting cocks in the same cage, feathers are bound to fly.

Miss Five has the gypsy in her soul.

She wants to go everywhere, see everything and sample it too if it looks sufficiently attractive

because she’s a woman who needs constant stimulation

and soon gets bored and fidgety if she can’t find something new to do.

This same rule applies to the men in her life; once they cease to be amusing they very quickly become yesterday’s news.

She probably won’t finally decide to settle down in a relationship

until well into her late twenties or early thirties by which time she will have seen most of the world and a good few of the men in it too.

She’ll be very set in her ways by then but will be getting more and more curious about marriage

it’s something she has yet to try.

That’s what her lifestyle really is one long string of new experiences.

Then along comes unsuspecting Mr. One and she can’t quite believe her luck.

He’s such a vital, energetic man.

He’s charming, rather attractive in a rugged sort of way, positive in everything he says and does

he certainly doesn’t give much away about himself.

Emotionally he is very self-controlled which makes him even more of a challenge.

‘He’s the one for me’ she thinks to herself ‘but how am I ever going to get him?’

She won’t have to he’s spotted get already.

But, there again, how could he fail to notice this fascinating creature who has just arrived on the scene?

She is not the sort of woman he meets everyday impeccably dressed, hard to analyze, extremely well-informed and very well-traveled.

She’s perceptive, selective, clever, original and so highly-strung that she must be a real thoroughly bred filly.

What’s more she’s adventurous, just like him, and very, very sexy.

The courtship stage of this 1:5 relationship is usually a tempestuous, whirlwind affair

and it’s a great pity for all concerned that the storm doesn’t blow itself out before they decide to take the fatal step and set up home together.

While they still have that vital safety valve of a little space between them,

which allows sufficient room to maneuver everything id fine.

He knows all the best places to go,

can always suggest something a little different to do which would be of interest on meals,

entertainment and the odd bunch of flowers or surprise ‘UN-birthday’ presents which she so loves.

Miss Five is also the perfect companion for him.

She’s unpredictable, which keeps him on his toes and makes sure that his interest doesn’t wane,

quick-thinking has an endless store of amusing tales to tell, is always willing to help.

Although not quite so ready to accept assistance, and likes to live dangerously sometimes,

which he finds appealing. He likes a woman with spirit.

She also has many hidden talents which he enjoys discovering especially when he finds that they coincide with some of his.

But the trouble starts when they decide to set up home together.

She suddenly discovers her wings have been clipped.

No more can she follow her flight of fancy and do as she pleases.

Now she has to consider someone else and be responsible for her part of the family life.

He, on the other hand, can’t seem to make her understand that his career is very important to him.

ones can’t spare the time to go out every night to the pub, or to some club or the cinema.

He is ambitious, wants to do well for himself and certainly won’t get anywhere if he doesn’t put his back into his work.

Things could very easily go downhill for this couple unless they take swift and positive action.

A compromise must be reached and that really is the burning question here – can they achieve one?

If they don’t manage to resolve the problem they could find themselves slowly drifting apart with:

Mr. One spending more and more of his time at the office working late and Miss Five doing her own thing with her own circle of friends.

The prospect of this relationship lasting for any length of time certainly doesn’t look too hopeful.

Their love life is one thing which might keep them together

and if they can forget their differences in each other’s arms

and lose themselves in their passion things might not look quite so black when they wake up.

Mr. One is an exciting lover.

He’s considerate, demonstrative, adventurous and aggressive

and as Five is the number of sexuality, the female of the species should be quite a playmate.

She would undoubtedly make a very willing accomplice in any of his fantasies.

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Male One VS Female Four

Male One VS Female Four

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Four. If you don’t know how to get these numbers, you should check out how to Calculate your love number

Where personal relationships are concerned this combination certainly doesn’t look very promising even though it can work moderately well on a business footing.

At close quarters Mr. One and Miss Four not only have conflicting personalities, their views and opinions are also completely different and certainly not compatible.

Don’t let those sensible shoes and conventional clothes fool you for a moment, Miss Four is a bit of a rebel.

She may not dress like a freak, or go around waving a placard bearing a political slogan because that’s not her style but she has a peculiar preserve streak in her nature which seems to compel her to see everything from a different angle to everyone else.

In arguments, she will automatically take the other side. She simply has to reverse the order of everything and has some very odd ideas about social issues and reforms of all kinds.

Only when a cause is well and truly lost will she decides to support it and, it is understood, that lame dogs are favourite animals.

There is nothing canine about Mr. One and he certainly doesn’t limp!

He tends to surge at all his targets with great single-mindedness.

He looks after number one and does not care about other people’s struggles and problems unless they happen to threaten his own prospects. Then he will do something about it.

Already we can see one good reason why Mr. One and Miss Four really can’t get on.

While he’s telling everyone to go to blazes she would automatically take their side which would make him appear very foolish indeed when even his own woman won’t support him.

The ensuing row when they finally get home, could reach nuclear proportions.

She would almost certainly be for unilateral disarmament and he would undoubtedly want to keep the bomb.

Mr. One knows only too well how important it is to keep the balance of power and at that particular moment he would probably decide to push the button if she were anywhere near the target area.

Miss Four likes to do everything to her own strict routine which she is taken years to perfect – Monday washing, Tuesday ironing, Wednesday shopping, etc.

It makes her feel secure and she always knows what is going to happen next.

So how is she ever going to cope with a spontaneous, impulsive Mr. One who likes to do everything on the spur of the moment?

Quite simply – she will not. This 1:4 combination is rather like a time bomb.

Everyone knows that it is primed and ready to go off but nobody knows quite when the explosion will happen.

Their love is probably just dull and uneventful.

Everything may start off just fine as they’ll both be on their best behaviour but as time goes by she’ll drift back to the routine curlers, face cream and headaches, not to mention her favourite ‘you’ll wake the children’ ploy and as a result he’ll probably lose interest altogether, preferring instead to work late into the night.

However, on those rare occasions that their personal needs just happen to coincide their union should be a tender, gentle affair rather than something wild and passionate because, sadly, the earth will never move for a 1:4 combination however hard they try.

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Male One VS Female Three

Male One VS Female Three

This article will talk about how the relationship goes between a male of Love number One and female from love number Three.
If you don’t know how to get these numbers, you should check out how to Calculate your love number.

You won’t have to ask Mr. One what he sees in Miss Three because anyone can tell at a glance what the attraction is.

She is a charming, fascinating woman who would stand out immediately in any crowd.

She is not just physically attractive,

with her dramatic hairstyle and bold choice of unusual but stylish clothes, this woman has brains.

She is shrewd, observant, imaginative

and has the infuriating habit of appearing to be one step ahead of everyone else’s train of thought which Mr. One finds rather challenging.

She is proud, independent and very much to the point when she has one to make.

She has very intention of doing extremely well for herself but in the meaning, she’s going to enjoy life to the full.

Once off duty, which isn’t very often in Mr. One’s case,

he is a fun person to have around provided that everyone else falls in with his plans.

He has to lead the way even during leisure time.

However, because he always seems to suggest such an unusual, exciting things to do his ideas rarely meet with opposition,

especially not from Miss Three.

She is versatile, adaptable and game for anything.

She loves to be in beautiful surroundings

but would willingly leave her comfortable little flat to live in a tent if the right man asked her to share it with him.

Mr. One is quired likely to make such a request although canvas and sleeping bags would probably only be a holiday arrangement.

Miss Three is a talented woman;

she is artistic and creative and would soon leave her mark on any home they decided to share.

The best choice of colors for a Three are purples and mauves which are both secondary colors for a One

so they shouldn’t argue too much over the way their home is decorated and furnished.

Mr. One has a deep sense of responsibility for those he loves and this particular woman could be quite a handful for him.

He is rarely extravagant but if she was feeling particularly generous one week

she could well decide to spend all the housekeeping on presents for him and their family.

He probably wouldn’t make too much fuss provided it didn’t happen too often but should her impulsive spending get out of hand he could turn very nasty indeed.

Ones seldom look for arguments but you can be sure that they always end up having the last word to say on any subject.

Miss Three can also be wasted and rather frivolous at times

so if she fails to take any of his ideas seriously, especially if they are in connection with his job,

he could find her ‘silly’ attitude particularly infuriating.

Mr. One makes an exciting bedfellow for any responsive, red-blooded woman

because he’s charming, demonstrative, passionate and at times, downright aggressive in his approach to lovemaking.

He’s not a man to fool around, he wants adventure even in his private life so any woman who tends to suffer from headaches is not his type.

Miss Three certainly is, she always has a very clear head.

She likes variety and soon tired of dull, uninteresting men who tend to bore her.

This lady needs stimulation and is sure to find it in abundance with Mr. One for a partner.

If it’s physically possible then this couple are sure to get round to it in the end. It’s only a matter of time.


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