THREE – Versatile

Symbol: The Otter (THREE – Versatile).

Lesson: to be able to express yourself freely.

Path: self-development, taking opportunities as they arise, convivial surroundings, working alone.

Goal: to achieve success and personal freedom through the development of your innate creative talents.

Threes Personality

If you have ever been lucky enough to watch an otter at play you will know instantly why this charming creature has been chosen to represent the number three.

He’s bold and flashy, daring, brilliant, versatile and an incorrigible old show-off.

In fact, he’s a number Three with whiskers and a tail.

Threes, generally speaking, have a lot going for them; they just ooze talent, especially in the arts.

They are those infuriating individuals who can dash off a masterpiece on the back of an old envelope while you’re still experiencing great difficulties drawing matchstick men.

However, despite his unnerving ability to do just about everything well, it’s still very hard to actually dislike a Three.

He has a certain charm about him which is almost impossible to resist.

Threes Minds

It is small wonder that versatility is the keyword for this number.

Who else but a Three could concentrate on more than one thing at a time?

Threes have brilliant minds.

They think at high speed and have the disconcerting knack of always being at least one jump ahead of everyone else.

Their conversation is guaranteed to be both interesting and witty if a little too direct at times.

Threes believe in a calling a spade a spade.

They never mince words and in a battle of wits against a worthy adversary.

You won’t need two guesses as to who will emerge the victor.

Occasionally they take a childish delight in playing a verbal game of cat and mouse with someone of the lower mind.

This may appear rather cruel but Threes are total without malice

And always let their ‘mouse’ escape with the feeling that he’s really been rather clever for once.

Threes are born optimists who take life very much as it comes and adapts themselves accordingly.

Threes are lucky

They are both lucky and happy go lucky even an apparent stroke of bad luck will turn out to be a blessing in disguise for them when viewed in hindsight.

If you threw a Three from a moving train he’d land unhurt and turn the incident to his advantage because Threes really do lead a charmed life.

Threes Faults

Their faults are few, literally a handful, which can be counted on the fingers of one hand:

Thumb wasteful,

Index finger over-anxious for approval,

Middle finger irritating to be with when not fully occupied,

Ring finger sycophantic,

Little finger unable to take anything seriously.

Threes Career

Threes are ambitious but never really have to choose a career because their innate skills have always pointed the way for them to go.

Many reach university as matter of course and so develop their undeniable talents even further.

It goes without saying that they gain their degrees with little effort much to the dismay of the slower students who find their studies demanding.

While they are researching and revising, our brilliant number.

Three is probably relaxing playing rugby, rowing or organizing the forthcoming drama production.

‘Otters’ can be found in many walks of life always well-organized.

Definitely in command of the situation but nevertheless always on the lookout for a chance to rise to even greater things.

Authority suits them and they seldom experience trouble with subordinates because they are so charming to work for.

The have the happy knack of getting the best out of people without appearing to be too demanding or unsympathetic to their needs.

When it comes to the most suitable career for the Three there are really two options open to them.

For some the armed forces, especially the Navy, and the government would make an excellent choice.

While others with a more creative flair might opt for a literary background or the performing arts.

Journalist, musician, artist, entertainer – they can take their pick.

Whatever the choice, the outcome will surely be the same success, recognition, and power.

In private Threes are not quite so organized and demanding as they are at work.

They don’t seem to feel the same need to be in complete control or to have everything running at maximum efficiency.

Threes Relationships

Once they have entered into a steady relationship.

They like to share their leisure time and interests with their partner, and friends become less important to them than in their college days.

Although this doesn’t mean that our Three doesn’t still enjoy showing off his partner at a party or that he stops getting involved in lively debates.

He simply makes sure that his lady (and she’s bound to be an exceptional person) is included in whatever is going on.

By and large, Threes are not jealous people but they are quite capable of removing themselves from a situation which is not to their liking.

They can stand so much and then, in a flash, they’re gone without a second chance.

But should you ever experience the love of the Three then your life will be more exciting, interesting and varied than ever before.

What’s more, he’ll often surprise you with an unusual or unexpected little present to show he still cares.

Should you ever wonder, if you’re involved with a lady whose birth-date reduces to a number three,

Whether it’s your money she’s interested in, the answer is a definite no.

She is quite happy to enjoy it while it’s there.

But if you lost everything tomorrow she would quickly adapt to the situation.

And would even quite enjoy the challenge of getting the most out of life for the least possible expenditure.

This woman could turn poverty into an art-form.

Threes Favorites

Most female Threes are outgoing women who like to have a career as well as a home to run.

They like to be in beautiful surroundings although they can flourish quite happily in homes which are less than perfect.

They like their men to be interesting, both physically and mentally, and soon tire of someone who is dull and undemonstrative.

You don’t need to be handsome but you do have to be on your toes to keep us with this lady and make her happy.

Should you become set in your ways, watch out.

Because she will soon seek more stimulating company elsewhere and she’s sure to find it.

There’s a tell-tale sign to look for – she’ll start nagging, nothing will be right.

Then you must smarten yourself up or be prepared to lose her.

However, she will probably tell you to your face what’s wrong long before you reach this stage.

She knows her mind and is quite capable of expressing her feelings in no mean terms.

Stimulation is what this lady needs and she must find it in her relationship to be truly happy all else takes second place.

Threes Favorite Color

The most appropriate color choice for all numbers Three is mauve.

This includes violet right through to the palest purples and lilac shades with blue, rose-pink and yellow providing good second options.

Threes should avoid greens, grays, dark browns

And particularly black as these colors do not vibrate well for them in their surroundings or in their choices of clothes.

The best gemstone would be an amethyst as this is in tune with their color mauve, with perhaps garnets to add some contrast.

Both stones can be worn in any setting.


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