TWO – Sensitive

Symbol: The Butterfly (TWO – Sensitive).

Lesson: to be able to ‘give and take’ when mixing with others.

Path: tact, diplomacy, regularity, consideration, patience, persuasion, friendliness.

Goal: to be able to work as a member of a team.

Twos Personality

I knew that was going to happen’ said the Two modestly.

However, ask her how she knew and the only reply you will get is an infuriating, enigmatic smile.

Twos have a highly developed early warning system all of their own.

They seem to know from birth how to use their senses and instincts to attune themselves their surroundings.

You may not have noticed them because anonymity is second nature to a Two.

But they have certainly noticed you and probably already learned a great deal about you in their own quiet and unobtrusive way.

These shy, self-conscious people desire nothing more than a little peace and quiet, without too many ups and downs.

So that they can go about their daily, well-ordered routine with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of efficiency.

Not for them the star parts in a dramatic production.

Twos prefer to play a supporting role on life’s stage.

The further from the footlights and the audience the better.

Quiet they may be but one you get to know them Twos are fascinating characters.

But you will have to make the first move to get past that defensive barrier of self-consciousness so many of them seem to hide behind.

Twos Sense of Humor

They have a surprisingly sharp-witted sense of humor all of their own which stems partly from their observation of people’s habits and partly from their superb imaginations.

Be warned, however, laugh at a Two and he or she will withdraw immediately into tight-lipped silence.

They’re easily wounded and take an age to recover from an ill-chosen remark.

Twos have an overpowering need to feel secure, they must have someone to lean on or something put by a rainy day.

At the best of times, they’re never really happy unless they think they have something to worry about but come the day that their security, whether financial or emotional, really looks seriously threatened they sink into moods of black depression which could even result in the need for medical help.

Twos Career

Twos seldom rise to positions of great authority in their chosen careers because they have neither the confidence nor the inclination to reach the top.

They prefer, instead, to take orders from someone else and not to carry too many responsibilities on their shoulders.

They are conscientious, willing workers who, with just a little encouragement, will give much of themselves in return.

A happy environment means a great deal to a Two and he’ll only work well in peaceful surroundings.

Pressure, deadlines, and stress are definitely not for him; neither are decisions.

Asking a Two to reach a decision is like asking a cat not to chase the birds.

He simply can’t do it. He can never make up his mind because he’s always too afraid he will make the wrong choice.

People whose birth-dates reduce to a two could get along well in most fields of endeavor because they never set their sights very high.

Banking, insurance, accountancy and local government all offer ample opportunities for clerks, administrators, bookkeepers and so on just the job for the unambitious Two.

However, the imaginative, more sensitive Twos who are exceptionally gifted could possibly make fine artists, writers, and musicians if only they can summon up sufficient courage to put their talents to the test.

Twos are sensitive

Twos are sensitive and often suffer a great deal in their emotional lives, finding the early stages of a relationship particularly difficult to cope with, largely due to their lack of self-confidence.

It’s almost impossible for a Two to believe that someone can actually find him interesting or attractive.

However, once safely past that agonizing initial period of getting to know one another, Twos can afford to relax a little and it is then that their true identity really begins to show itself.

Our male Two is incorrigible romantic. He’s tender, compassionate, a good listener and a considerate lover.

He will do anything in his power to make his lady happy and will go to great lengths to avoid an argument.

Twos Relationships

Once he has plucked up sufficient courage to tackle the responsibilities of marriage and family life and this could take much time and soul-searching on his part.

He should prove to be a loyal, caring partner and a devoted father.

Unfortunately, he does have a darker side to his character which could cause problems in a relationship unless he learns to control his emotions.

Jealousy could rear its ugly head at the slightest little thing and, unless you are prepared to constantly reassure him of your undying love and fidelity.

He is quite likely to be moody and extremely irritable.

His feelings of insecurity make him very trying at times.

Domesticity suits female Two and it’s a part she plays well.

There’s nothing she likes better than to run the home, arrange flowers or dinner parties to perfection

Generally wait for hand and foot upon her lord and master, with just one proviso her efforts must be appreciated.

Woe betides her poor tired husband if he returns home after a hard day’s work and fails to notice the gleaming furniture or her new hairdo.

Then the trouble starts- she’ll retreat within her shell to sulk and won’t come out for days.

A Two woman needs a strong man to rely on and if he can cope with her changeable moods.

She should make an excellent wife because a supporting role is what she needs.

Twos Favorite Color

The best colors for a Two to choose, for either clothes or furnishings, are cream, white, and greens of all shades with perhaps an occasional splash of pale pink, to add contrast.

They should never go for deep reds, purple or black because these colors are too positive and ‘heavy’ and would fail to complement them.

White and cream are both neutral colors and would, therefore, maintain the anonymity that Twos are always seeking.

When selecting jewelry, Two women should go for pearls, moonstones or jade, preferably in a silver setting.


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