Is The World Ready For A Drake/Taylor Swift Romance?

Is The World Ready For A Drake/Taylor Swift Romance?

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Drake and Taylor Swift

Are Drake and Taylor Swift dating? There’s no way Drake and Taylor Swift are dating. Drake and Taylor Swift can’t be dating. Are they dating?

According to certain unverifiable reports, Drake and Taylor were spotted getting comfortable with one another at Drake’s 30th birthday last weekend. Some say they’re still just friends. Some say they are totally, totally a thing.

We don’t know what the truth is, but we can weigh the pros and cons of this potential relationship were it ever to happen.


• No text from either party would go unanswered for more than 60 seconds

• They’d both get to write dope songs about the relationship during/after its tenure

• “Draylor” is a hilarious couple name

• Unlike Tom Hiddleston, Drake owns more than one outfit

• Their Grammy awards would look beautiful in the same display case

• We might get some Instagrams of Drake holding cats

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• Honestly too much Auto-Tune in one relationship

• Calvin Harris’s hit with Rihanna written by Taylor would take on an even weirder tone

• Rihanna and Taylor would become lifelong enemies

• Drake might put Taylor on a song

• Taylor might put Drake on a song

• Kanye would probably never forgive Drake either

• Their inevitable breakup would produce enough toxic resentment to make earth’s atmosphere uninhabitable for carbon-based life forms


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